New clip from Fear the Walking Dead shows “chaos”

Travis Manawa - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Travis Manawa - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

In a new clip from AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, it looks like things are about to reaching a boiling point in the show’s third season.

Fear the Walking Dead returns on June 4 for its third season, and by all accounts this is the most action-packed season yet. In an exclusive teaser from, we see members of the cast as they navigate the new world and encounter the New World Order that has risen from the ashes.

Nick and Luciana have survived the skirmish at the border, but they are far from safe. Madison encounters the militia (presumably the one that attacked Nick and the members of La Colonia) and gets roped into life in their compound. And it would seem that Strand has returned from his depression and is looking forward to taking control of this Brave New World.

There are several stories from season 2 that will continue into season 3. Alicia is with her mother after they were forced to leave the resort, and now Madison and Travis are on a mission to find Nick. How will the family’s dynamics shift in light of Chris’ death and Madison’s continued focus on Nick?

Ofelia has been taken prisoner, and she’s on her own to escape. Will this be the turning point for her, and will she be able to protect herself the way her father would have wanted?

It’s nice to see Strand up and about again. He spent a great deal of time in season 2 dealing with a gunshot wound, and he was still dealing with Thomas’ death. But Strand is a born survivor and he’s not going to stay down for long.

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Fear the Walking Dead returns June 4 on AMC.