5 fan questions about The Walking Dead answered for May 21, 2017

Beth Greene, Dawn Learner, and Dr. Steven Edwards - The Walking Dead, AMC
Beth Greene, Dawn Learner, and Dr. Steven Edwards - The Walking Dead, AMC /
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Alexandria - The Walking Dead, AMC
Alexandria – The Walking Dead, AMC /

5. Time to settle down

Abby Utsey Chandler on Facebook“Do you think the show will continue with Alexandria and Hill Top or will the group move again?”

One of the most popular questions I get often in these mailbag articles is about the location of the survivors. Rick and his group bounced around through 5 seasons, finally landing in Alexandria and attempting to settle down.

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It’s natural for fans to think that this community will crumble like the others and the group will be forced to move on to another location until that one inevitably crumbles and they move to another in a vicious cycle.

Hopefully, that cycle has ended with Alexandria. This is the closest they have come to living normal lives since leaving their homes during the zombie outbreak and losing an area as secure from the walkers as Alexandria would be a huge mistake.

Expect Rick to keep fighting for Alexandria and Maggie to stay at The Hilltop with Enid for quite a while. Of course, they still have to deal with The Saviors and The Scavengers, but anything great is worth fighting for.

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