Canadian man transforms Dodge Ram to honor AMC’s The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead - AMC
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There is no way that this Canadian man will ever mistake another truck in the parking lot for his The Walking Dead inspired 2008 Dodge Ram 1500.

Sometimes, inspiration and motivation can come from an unlikely source. For a man from Canada who was involved in a major injury causing complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), he looked to AMC’s The Walking Dead according to an article on the Vernon Morning Star website.

What started out as a customized tailgate for a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 based on the popular zombie survival drama series continued to evolve into a transformation of passion for the vehicle of Colin Dale in Vernon, British Columbia.

Check out this photo of the transformed truck as shared on the Twitter account of the Vernon Morning Star:

The truck gets an awful lot of attention from fans of The Walking Dead, as many people want to get photographs with the truck when Dale is out shopping or even just driving around.

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"“I was down at Wal-Mart one day,” said Dale. “This guy came up and he said to me, ‘Do you mind if my daughter takes pictures? She loves the truck.’ Everybody, from kids to pensioners, loves the truck.”"

The Dodge Ram, nicknamed ‘The Dead Mobile’ was therapy for Dale, who was dealing with multiple issues. But by focusing on transforming his vehicle, he was able to put many of his worries aside, at least for a while.

"“It was after my injury, and I just thought well why not?” Dale said. “With my CRPS, I got anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and chronic pain. By doing the truck, it actually helped me deal with this stuff better.”"

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What do you think of this amazing vehicle transformation inspired by The Walking Dead and how it was able to help Colin Dale of Vernon, British Columbia during a tough time in his life? Leave your thoughts on ‘The Dead Mobile’ in the comments below.