Walker Stalker Con: Get your questions ready for The Walking Dead cast

Michael Cudlitz and fans at Walker Stalker Con Nashville 2016
Michael Cudlitz and fans at Walker Stalker Con Nashville 2016 /

Walker Stalker Con brings together cast from The Walking Dead at conventions around the globe. It is exciting to meet some of your favorite actors, but what will you say when you come face to face with them?

Walker Stalker Con Nashville is the next installment of the popular fan convention. Music City Center will welcome fans on June 3rd and 4th. I will be in attendance and cannot wait to meet up with other fans, enjoy some panels, and hopefully meet some cast members from The Walking Dead.

But first things first! What’s your plan? The Nashville guidebook for the Walker Stalker Con app should be coming available soon. The app is a great tool for planning your days at the convention.

Maps, My Schedule, To-do

Be sure to check out the “Maps” page so you can familiarize yourself with the floor plan and see where your favorite guests and vendors will be located. This can help you plan the most efficient use of your time.

The “My Schedule” option is very helpful to keep track of what you want to cover each day. Panels and photo-ops, which are of course time sensitive, can be added to your own personal schedule with reminders to make sure you do not forget what’s coming up. And know your panel locations – Panel stage vs. Live stage – to be sure you arrive at the correct place for a particular Q&A.

Of course, there are also things you want to cover like meeting cast members and shopping your favorite vendors. You can use the “To-do” menu option to create a checklist or wish list of things you want to accomplish. It can be tough to meet everyone, but the to-do list can help you prioritize. And it certainly helps to make note of when guests are scheduled to be away from their tables for photo ops and panels.

Remember that visiting with celebrity guests is not allowed during photo ops. The photo ops must move very quickly to stay on schedule and accommodate as many fans as possible. Save your questions for when you meet a guest at their table or get in line to ask an audience question at a panel.

But what will you ask when you come face to face with one of your favorite actors? What question will you pose if you are in line to ask a question at a panel? Are you ready? Plan those questions, too.

Burning questions

I have prepared some of my own burning questions I may want to ask of some of the guests if the opportunity arises.

Tom Payne

When will Jesus drop some beats?

Tom has performed at several Walker Stalker Con parties and he’s known for jamming to music at his table. So, might we ever see his character sing on The Walking Dead?

Tom Payne at Walker Stalker Con Nashville 2016 Photo credit: Carter Phillipps
Tom Payne at Walker Stalker Con Nashville 2016Photo credit: Carter Phillipps /

Norman Reedus

What’s normal for Norman?

Norman is such a beloved actor with fans galore. Is he able to go anywhere or do anything without fanfare? I wonder if the fanfare has become in any sense “normal” for him? Whatever the case may be, I hope he gets to enjoy his personal time!

Lennie James

Can we “clear” something up?

When Morgan talks about “seeing red” during his “Clear” episode monologue, is he referring to actual blood or something more metaphorical? I could probably talk about this speech for some time, so much conjecture and dissection.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

So what do you really like to be called?

JD? JDM? Jeffrey? Jeffrey Dean? I remember when I pronounced Khary Payton’s first name as “CARE-ee” instead of the correct pronunciation “CAR-ee”. He was super nice about it, but I prefer to get it right the first time!

Greg Nicotero and Jeffrey Dean Morgan at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2016 Photo credit: Carter Phillipps
Greg Nicotero and Jeffrey Dean Morgan at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2016Photo credit: Carter Phillipps /

Melissa McBride

How does it feel to slay everyday?

This question is inspired by my friend Ashley, who is one of the biggest Melissa and Carol fans I know. Ashley is always pointing out that both Melissa and her character are “killin’ it”, in a good way. Melissa always looks stunning – her hair, make-up, jewelry, and wardrobe choices are impeccable. And, of course Carol is one of the most capable characters on The Walking Dead, saving her friends and standing up to the bad guys!

Pollyanna McIntosh

How feel play Jadis?

No, that’s not a typo. We all know Pollyanna’s character, Jadis, is known for her brevity and unique spin on language. I wonder if Pollyanna ever finds herself slipping into Jadis-speak at home during filming. I would love to know if this style of speaking came easily to her or did she have to perfect it over time.

Christian Serratos at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2016Photo credit: Carter Phillipps
Christian Serratos at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2016Photo credit: Carter Phillipps /

Christian Serratos

No question, just congratulations!

Christian is a new momma! How exciting! I want to give her my well wishes and congratulate her on her new little one. And I’m not even going to ask about the little tyke’s name – that’s her information to share whenever she pleases!

Ross Marquand

“How YOU doin’?”

Yes, I’d like to ask this question Joey Tribiani style (think Friends). You know, since Ross excels at the impressions, maybe he’d want to hear one of my own. No, probably not. But I definitely would like to catch up with Mr. Marquand. He is always so generous with fans!

Steven Yeun

What do your dogs think of the baby?

Speaking of new babies, Steven and wife Jo recently became parents as well. Steven has shared really cute photos of his dogs on Instagram, so I would love to find out how the pups are adjusting to the new little guy at home.

I will have to keep working on questions for more cast members. And, by all means, if you know the answer to any of these, please let me know!

With so many cast members attending Walker Stalker Con Nashville, be sure to prepare your questions for whomever you may have the chance to meet! Who’s number one on your list of must-see actors? Do you have your questions planned?

Hope to see you in Nashville for Walker Stalker Con June 3-4.