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Game of Thrones released its first trailer ahead of its seventh season, so naturally The Walking Dead joined in all of the excitement.

Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are two of the biggest shows on television and there is some good-natured rivalries between them. So when Game of Thrones released its first season 7 preview, the good people over at The Walking Dead jumped on the opportunity to remind everyone that we’re gearing up for season 8.

In terms of stories, The Walking Dead doesn’t have much in common with Game of Thrones. In fact, there are no real connections between them except that they both have Walkers. The Walking Dead has Walkers, and Game of Thrones has its White Walkers. Both groups are undead, and both are terrifying. It makes perfect sense, then, to ask the question: “What’s scarier: Walkers or White Walkers?”

And, in case you haven’t seen it or want to see what Game of Thrones is all about, here’s the season 7 trailer:

Stories aside, one thing that both shows have in common is a ton of source material that lends to lots of possibilities for spinoffs. The Walking Dead has already launched a companion series, Fear the Walking Dead (season 3 premieres June 4) while HBO is exploring Game of Thrones spinoff ideas. Robert Kirkman and George R. R. Martin are both prolific writers, which is a good thing because it means that fans don’t have to worry about losing their favorite shows anytime soon. Even if the parent show goes away, there will be more TWD and GoT to enjoy.

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Game of Thrones premieres on July 16 while The Walking Dead returns for season 8 in October.