Join The Walking Dead’s Sabrina Gennarino in helping a fan and you could win a VIP Walker Stalker ticket to any WSC


The Walking Dead’s Sabrina Gennarino and fans of the show have come together to set up a raffle to help a fan of the show. There are some great prizes including VIP Walker Stalker tickets.

The Walking Dead has millions of fans who take the show’s message of love and loyalty very seriously. So seriously that they often help out fans who are in need and donate their time and their art to help those who are in trouble. Recently Sabrina Gennarino, who plays Scavenger Tamiel, set up a raffle to help a fan who has cancer.

Chris King, who is a fan of The Walking Dead, husband and father of two has cancer. He is raising money to pay for cancer treatment. And to help his family while he battles cancer. When a fan of The Walking Dead is in trouble other fans don’t hesitate to help.

Fans immediately began donating items to be given away as prizes. The prizes include The Walking Dead action figures, signed prints from fan artist Oscar Rodriguez III otherwise known as Oscar’s Red Hat, a handmade Lucille replica, and two VIP Walker Stalker Con tickets for any Walker Stalker Con, even Atlanta or London.

In order to be entered to win fans need to visit Chris King’s GoFundMe page and donate in the amount for the prize they want to win. When donating include your Twitter handle and #TWDFamily in the comments section of the page. That’s all you need to do to enter. On Sunday, June 4, at 3PM CST  Sabrina Gennarino will draw the winners on an Instagram Livestream.

VIP Walker Stalker Tickets

The Walker Stalker tickets were donated by Charity Nerds. Charity Nerds is a 501c3 registered charity that was started by a pretty amazing 14 year old named Heath Locklear. When asked why he wanted to start a charity at just 14 years old he said:

"“Our goal is to provide video games to children in the hospital, extended stay facilities, and children of active duty military. I got the idea for CN from an experience I had when I was six. I had surgery at Wolfsons Childrens Hospital and I was very scared. My parents bought me a Nintendo DS which really helped me deal with my fear. I wanted to give other kids the same comfort I had. We work with the Ronald McDonald house and another charity called Stack Up. We also donate directly to children hospitals all over the country.”"

If you want to find out more about Charity Nerds and support the work that Heath and his parents are doing you can visit their website.

There are two VIP Walker Stalker Con tickets valued at $250 each. There will be two winners. Each winner will receive one ticket. The tickets are good for any Walker Stalker Con, even ones that are already sold out like Walker Stalker Atlanta. So if you missed out on your chance to get VIP tickets this is a great way to get your hands on one. A $100 donation is required to be entered into the drawing for the tickets.

The Other Prizes

There are lot of other great prizes too. Here’s the full list of prizes and the donation amounts needed to enter:

Family, Love, Loyalty

Fans of The Walking Dead believe in the show’s themes of family, love, loyalty and community. The show has one of the largest, most dedicated, and most passionate fandoms out there. Special thanks to Charity Nerds for donating the Walker Stalker VIP tickets, to Walker Wyn who not only donated money but also donated her art for the raffle and donated her time to create the graphics for raffle.

Thanks also to Oscar Rodriguez III for donating his amazing fan art and other prizes. And big thanks to Dan Cotton of D&E Treasure Chest for donating the replica Lucille which sells for $250. And of course thanks to Renee, Walker Wyn and Sabrina Gennarino for organizing this.

You can follow Chris King, the organizers and the donors on Twitter:

Chris King @pingpongcall

Sabrina Gennarino @GirlsGottaEat

Sonya Iryna @sonyairyna

Renee @Reneenee652003

Walker Wyn @mynameiswyn

Oscar Rodriguez III @OscarsRedHat

Charity Nerds @charitynerds

You can also find Oscar at Walker Stalker Nashville June 2-4. Get a selfie with Oscar and tag us @UndeadWalking with your photos from the con!

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A Note From Sabrina Gennarino

Sabrina wanted to thank all of the fans who came together to help with this project. She had this to say:

"“When this started I was just going to do a thank you card for donators. Then Renee stepped up to donate items. And that brought more folks on to donate like Dan Cotton with D&E Treasure Chest, Charity Nerds and Oscar. And thank God Sonya signed on to help. I asked @walkerwyn if she could design something on the fly to put out there and she eagerly jumped on board to help and even donated her art as well as a monetary donation. The amazing TWD family rallied and I couldn’t be more grateful for the love of this family. “"

Thank you all of The Walking Dead fans who have donated and who are going to donate. The Undead Walking team is happy to be part of this amazing fandom. Help Chris reach his goal and win some fantastic The Walking Dead prizes too.