The Walking Dead veteran Glen Mazzara will head up a TV adaptation of Sin City


Glen Mazzara was one of the original writers and an early showrunner for The Walking Dead. Now he’s taking on the task of bringing Frank Miller’s classic Sin City comic to TV.

According to Deadline Glen Mazzara will be writing for a new TV adaptation of Frank Miller’s Sin City comics. The comic has already been adapted for film, but has never been done in a TV format.

The 2005 film based on the comics was a huge success with both fans and critics. It managed to capture the gritty film noir feel of the original comic which was really important to both the creators and to fans. It also had an all star cast that did a great job bringing the story to life.

So Glen Mazzara and the other writers and producers of the new TV adaption have their work cut out for them. Not only will the TV version be compared to the comic it will inevitably be compared to the film as well. Reports say that the TV show will remain closer to the source material in the comic instead of branching out.

But the crew taking on this project has some serious nerd credentials so they may be able to pull it off. In addition to Mazzara the Sin City TV projects will be directed by Len Wiseman who has worked on the TV shows Lucifer and Sleepy Hollow. Mazzara has worked on The Shield and The Omen as well as The Walking Dead.

Leaving The Walking Dead

Mazzara didn’t leave The Walking Dead on good terms. Fans may remember there were some significant changes at the help of the show during the first few seasons. Mazzara wrote one episode of The Walking Dead in season 1 and become showrunner when Frank Darabont left the position and left the show. But Mazzara was replaced a year later with Scott M. Gimple, who has been the showrunner since replacing Mazzara.

Fans have mixed feelings about those early tumultuous seasons. Some think that the show was better under the leadership of Darabont and Mazzara. Others think that the show didn’t really find its groove until Scott Gimple took over. Gimple will also be joining The Walking Dead companion series Fear The Walking Dead which will hopefully help the fledging series get on solid footing.

Science Fiction And Horror Continue To Dominate TV

The Walking Dead started a trend in TV programming that hasn’t slowed down over the last few years. After seeing AMC’s continued dominance over the TV landscape with The Walking Dead networks are scrambling to get ahold of science fiction and horror properties to turn into TV shows.

Recently Hulu debuted an original TV series based on Margaret Atwood’s classic dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale. Response to the original series has been massive and many are saying the show may be Hulu’s first Emmy contender. STARZ is also getting in on the act with their adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s bestselling American Gods. Both American Gods and The Handmaid’s Tale have been renewed for more seasons based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews from fans and critics.

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