A Fear The Walking Dead writer will be working on another dark AMC drama

Fear The Walking Dead title screen, AMC
Fear The Walking Dead title screen, AMC /

One of the Fear The Walking Dead writers will be writing for a new AMC drama, one of several new dramas that is in development for the network right now.

Jami O’Brien, a writer for Fear The Walking Dead, will be working on an exciting new drama series for AMC. According to Hollywood Reporter he will be one of the writers working on adapting the novel NOS4A2 for TV.

NOS4A2 is one of several new dark dramas that AMC is developing. AMC has found a niche with adaptations of graphic novels and novels with particularly dark themes. The Walking Dead is still the reigning drama on cable TV. Preacher, which debuted on AMC last year, is adapted from the popular 90s graphic novel by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. And Into The Badlands recently wrapped the second season and will return for a third season in 2018.

NOS4A2 is another dark themed drama that centers on a woman with psychic abilities who has to battle supernatural forces to save her son and other children from falling victim to evil. After having worked on Fear The Walking Dead Jami O’Brien is a good fit to take on adapting the supernatural story for TV.

Fear The Walking Dead’s third season premieres on June 4th on AMC. AMC is hoping that the series will continue to be one of the strongest performers that the network has. Fear The Walking Dead doesn’t have the huge number of viewers that The Walking Dead has. But it does have very good ratings for the genre.

Doubling Down On Dark

With three new dark dramas on the way and seasoned performers like The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and Preacher AMC is clearly doubling down on all things dark and dystopian. It’s a safe bet, considering that most of the shows generating buzz in the current climate are dark in theme.

HBO has already followed AMC’s lead and embraced shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld. Game of Thrones is wrapping up next year but there are several sequels and prequels in the works that will keep Game of Thrones firmly on the TV landscape.

STARZ recently debuted American Gods, an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s bestselling dark novel. The same team that created American Gods is also said to be trying to adapt Gaiman’s wildly popular The Sandman comic for TV.

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There’s been a definite shift in the TV landscape. Shows like The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead wouldn’t have been given the green light ten years ago. But The Walking Dead’s massive fan base has proved that these days dark drama is the new sitcom. AMC is clearly hoping to continue leading the way in developing dark dramas that really connect with audiences.