Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor would love to come back to The Walking Dead

AMC;The Walking Dead; Robin Lord Taylor as Sam
AMC;The Walking Dead; Robin Lord Taylor as Sam /

Characters named Sam don’t fare too well on The Walking Dead. Child Sam was eaten by walkers when Rick, Carl and the others were trying the “cover yourself in walker guts and move slowly” trick to escape an overrun Alexandria. But before that another Sam ended up at the Terminus trough with a slit throat.

That Sam, played by Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor, was a sweet kid that Rick first encountered while he was making another terrible decision. After Rick decided to expel Carol from the prison he took her out on a run. Together they encountered Sam and his girlfriend, who were struggling to survive. Sam’s girlfriend was eaten by walkers. Somehow Sam ended up at Terminus. That didn’t end well for him.

But despite Sam’s grisly end actor Robin Lord Taylor would definitely like the chance to return to the show at some point. Sam is dead, but he could always show up as a walker. According to David Opie when asked if he would like to return to The Walking Dead Robin Lord Taylor said he would gladly return:

"“Absolutely. If I did come back, I would obviously be a walker. It would be kind of difficult because they slit my throat, bashed my brains in and burned the building down [laughs]. I think it’s safe to say that Sam is swimming with the fishes now.”"


Since his short stint on The Walking Dead Robin Lord Taylor has gone on to a major role in Fox’s drama Gotham. He plays Oswald Cobblepot, the forerunner to villainous Penguin. His performance as Oswald has gotten him a lot of praise from critics. And he’s developed quite a large fanbase too. Gotham is now heading into season 4 and has been nominated for a slew of awards.

Robin Lord Taylor may find himself too busy to head back to Georgia to appear on The Walking Dead but it would be fun to see him make a return appearance on the show. Maybe he can break the Sam curse for any future characters that might end up being named Sam.