Review: Fear The Walking Dead episode 301 ‘Eye of The Beholder’

Nick Clark and Luciana - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Nick Clark and Luciana - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /
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Fear The Walking Dead aired its season 3 premiere on Sunday, June 4, 2017, but was it good? Here are the positives and negatives from ‘Eye of the Beholder’.

When AMC’s flagship zombie survival drama goes on break after finishing an intense season, it is always nice to have Fear The Walking Dead to help fans hungry for more undead action on a weekly basis.

For the week of June 4, 2017, viewers were treated to a double-dose of the zombie companion series, delivering both the season 3 premiere and a second new episode! But, of course, the premiere is what has people talking.

But what if the season 3 premiere failed to meet expectations or didn’t draw fans back in after a long break? ‘Eye of the Beholder’ was an essential episode in making sure that Fear The Walking Dead could hold their viewership or maybe even create a bigger audience with all the hype.

Here is a breakdown of the good, bad, and interesting things from the season 3 premiere starting, of course, with the things that were done very well during the show.