Who died in the Fear The Walking Dead season 3 premiere?

Nick Clark and Luciana - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Nick Clark and Luciana - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead returned in a big way tonight for the season 3 premiere and episode 302. There was a lot of action, and some big losses too.

Fear The Walking Dead season 3 premiered tonight with two back to back episodes. The episodes had a faster pace than most of season 2. And they had a higher body count as well.

A major cast member also didn’t make it out of this episode. So, if you’re avoiding death spoilers you probably shouldn’t read the rest of this. Seriously. It’s a big one. You’ve been warned.

The first episode of season 3 picked up right where the season 2 finale left off. A lot of the colonists from La Colonia didn’t survive the ambush at the border. Nick and Luciana were taken. So was Travis. Madison and Alicia were separated from the others. They also got treated a lot better than the darker skinned members of their group.

Luciana is in pretty bad shape but hanging on after getting shot in the season 2 finale. When Travis is taken away from Madison and Alicia he sees Nick sitting among the other prisoners with Luciana.

The Prisoners

The prisoners were kept apart and held with the sick and the injured. The militia members who had taken over the border outpost were shooting the prisoners, letting them die, and taking note of how fast they would turn and come back.

It was a little reminiscent of Milton waiting for the people at Woodbury to die so he could try to see if they would remain human after turning. But Milton never shot the people of Woodbury and left them to die. That’s exactly what the militia soldiers did.

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One of the militia members who was killing the prisoners and being a bit of a jerk to Travis, Willy, got a particularly gruesome death. He heard noises behind an air duct in the border compound and pried the grate off to see what was making the noise. Immediately dozens of live rats spilled out all over him.

He went to investigate more closely and a walker in the air duct grabbed him. His head was slammed on the top of the opening and split open. Then he got pulled into the air vent as walker chow. So long Willy.

The Pit Walkers And Hanger Walkers

Walker kills were definitely up in the Fear The Walking Dead premiere. Travis, after fighting the soldiers who were killing the prisoners, gets thrown into a pit full of walkers. He slays all of them using whatever weapons he can find including a box. Rick Grimes would have been proud.

Later on as the group is trying to flee they get overrun by walkers on the tarmac of the outpost. Madison and Nick team up to take down many of the walkers who managed to get close to them. Travis finished off a bunch of them with a rifle.

Troy’s Eye

Madison and Alicia didn’t take kindly to being separated from Travis, Nick and Luciana. Madison fought militia member Troy and managed to put a spoon through his eye. She then used him as a hostage and a human shield to get herself and Alicia out of the compound. Eventually she had to give up her hostage but Troy’s eye was too far gone at that point. RIP Troy’s eye.


Charlene we barely knew you! The female chopper pilot Charlene was one of the militia members. And it was revealed she was the god-daughter of the patriarch of the ranch where the militia members were from. Madison and the others eventually ended up at the ranch. But, when the helicopter was shot down Alicia, Jake, Luciana and Charlene had to camp. Charlene was on watch when some walkers showed up. She didn’t survive. Sorry Charlene.

Travis Manawa

The night’s biggest death was one of the original characters, Travis Manawa. Now the entire Manawa clan is gone. Liza died in season 1. Chris died in season 2 and now Travis is gone as well. Travis survived a pit full of walkers. But he couldn’t survive bullets that flew into the cabin of the chopper when the helicopter came under fire. He was shot in the gut and shot in the neck. As he bled out he unhooked his seat belt and fell out of the helicopter to his death. Despite the fact that no one actually saw Travis’ body showrunner Dave Erickson confirmed on Talking Dead that Travis is really dead.

Madison understandably didn’t take that news too well. Travis is a big loss. Travis was really the member of the original cast that was concerned about hanging on to some humanity. He had just really started to find his survival instinct when he was cut down.

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Farewell to Travis Manawa and all of the Manawa clan. Now only the Clarks are left to take on the violent post-apocalypse world. But after seeing the first two episodes of Fear The Walking Dead season 3 it looks like Madison is ready to handle this world on her own.