Walker Stalker Con: Meet artist Johnnie Rosales Jr.

Artist Johnnie Rosales Jr.
Artist Johnnie Rosales Jr. /

Walker Stalker Con Nashville hosted many talented artists. We had the great pleasure of meeting artist Johnnie Rosales, Jr. whose beautiful work is full of heart.

I had not found Johnnie’s work before this year’s visit to Walker Stalker Con Nashville. But amazingly, he found us!

As fellow writer Tameche and I gathered by the Walker Stalker Live stage, we were approached by a man with a gorgeous print depicting the popular character of Michonne from The Walking Dead in hand. Johnnie introduced himself and said he wanted to give the print to Tameche’s daughter, who happens to have cerebral palsy.

Shortly after, Johnnie returned with a gorgeous drawing of The Walking Dead‘s King Ezekiel (one of my new personal favorite characters!) for my daughter who also has special needs. I was struck not only by Johnnie’s generosity but also the vivid purples used in the drawing.

Artist Johnnie Rosales Jr. with fans at Walker Stalker Con Nashville
Artist Johnnie Rosales Jr. with fans at Walker Stalker Con Nashville /

I returned to Johnnie’s vendor booth to tell him how cool it was that he picked that print for Kasey because her room is decorated with purple. We began talking about Johnnie’s background with art and left having made a new #WSCFamily friend.

Tameche and I did a brief Q&A with Johnnie to share with other fans. Here is what he had to say.

Your work is so realistic but I am also struck by the vivid colors used. Are your color choices part of your technique?

“I use a lot of purples, blues, reds, and greens. But mostly anything that pops out to you pops out to me in the colors. And then I just transition the original image into my own, you know, how I see a lot of things in purples and blues. All those colors attract me to art.”

How long have you been drawing?

“Since I was 7 years old and my Grandma took me to Hobby Lobby. And I haven’t stopped going back since. I always go back and get art supplies with her. I owe a lot to my family, I have lots of support.”

Where do you call home?

“I am from Houston TX. It was a 13 hour drive here, but it’s phenomenal. Nashville is such a beautiful city. This was my first time coming here.”

Artist Johnnie Rosales Jr.
Artist Johnnie Rosales Jr. /

Will you be coming back?

I want to come back! I have been to WSC Dallas twice. I also do a lot of Texax comic cons and travel around as much as I can. And I have a baby on the way in November! My family is branching out. My brother is handicapped, so he has been a drive for me as well.”

I certainly think your heart comes out in your work.

“Oh, yeah, thank you, thank you so much! There’s a lot of emotions drawn into the eyes here.”

Where can fans find you online?

Instagram: @rosalesartgallery

Facebook:   Johnnie Rosales Jr., Artist

Etsy:            https://www.etsy.com/shop/johnnierosalesjr

Vendor booth of artwork by Johnnie Rosales Jr.
Vendor booth of artwork by Johnnie Rosales Jr. /

Johnnie wowed us even further when he revealed that he works a full-time job while also creating all this beautiful artwork.  I guess that goes back to the wonderful family support that he mentioned.

It is hard to believe that Johnnie does not have any formal training, but he shared that artistry runs in his family and he has learned so much from them, especially his grandmother.

We spoke of how his passion comes through in his work and learned that he has a fondness for all the shows like The Walking Dead and the movies depicted in his drawings. It definitely shows!

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Thanks so much Johnnie for your generosity of spirit and taking the time to speak with us.

Go check out his work!

Oh, and I purchased three more prints because they are so good and so affordable! Ask for Johnnie Rosales, Jr. to attend a Walker Stalker Con near you!