Fear the Walking Dead: Are some people predisposed for the apocalypse?

Troy Otto (Daniel Sharman)Photo by Michael Desmond/AMC Fear The Walking Dead
Troy Otto (Daniel Sharman)Photo by Michael Desmond/AMC Fear The Walking Dead /

If the zombie apocalypse happened overnight, as it did in Fear the Walking Dead, are there some people who would be more ready to handle it? Are some people predisposed for the apocalypse?

On the June 4 episode of Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick brought up the idea that people like Troy Otto are built for the apocalypse. They’re predisposed to it, as if they were made for the fall of society. Is it possible that some people are made for the apocalypse?

Without knowing a lot about Troy Otto at this early point in the Fear the Walking Dead season, it’s clear that he has a very distinct sense of entitlement given the way he grew up. His actions and methods likely got him in trouble when the world wasn’t falling apart, and though they’re cringeworthy in the apocalypse, it almost seems like the apocalypse freed him.

It’s one thing to be prepared for natural disasters, and to be adaptable to changing situations, but there is a whole other side of things when normal people start assuming positions of authority over others. A good example of this is the pesky hall monitor in high school who turns into an overbearing meter maid once he grows up. In the apocalypse, those are the people you won’t want in power because they always have an axe to grind. They want to get back at people, and they do it by asserting their authority over the ones who wronged them with a false sense of entitlement.

Troy falls into the apocalypse as someone who feels that he has a right to do what he wants to do because he has been “prepping” for the end his entire life. No one listened to him, but now people are coming to him, and to his family, because they were prepared. That gives his sense of entitlement a huge boost and allows him to continue along his merry way with very few people standing in his path to stop him.

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It will be interesting to learn more about Troy Otto and his family on Fear the Walking Dead. There is a lot going on at Broke Jaw Ranch, and it looks like a lot of what’s happening is taking place behind the scenes.

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