Fear The Walking Dead TEOTWAWKI death count

Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) in Episode 3Photo by Michael Desmond/AMC Fear The Walking Dead
Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) in Episode 3Photo by Michael Desmond/AMC Fear The Walking Dead /

Fear The Walking Dead has already killed off one original character this season. There were some near misses for the remaining ones in TEOTWAWKI.

The only certainty on The Walking Dead or Fear The Walking Dead is that people are going to die. Often, and usually in a pretty gruesome way. But the death count for Fear The Walking Dead this week was pretty light on grim deaths. There were some intense near misses though.

The only actual death in this episode was a rude awakening for Strand. Strand has managed to find an old business contact that he made some deals with for Thomas. He thought he had found a safe haven. That was his first mistake, because everyone knows no place is truly safe in the apocalypse.

Strand’s business contact seemed to welcome him but decided the apocalypse would be a great opportunity to teach Strand a lesson. Strand watched as one of the people at supposed haven was thrown off a dam. And Strand almost followed him off the dam. But he was saved because he’s done not being punished yet. He ended up in a cell. And a familiar face popped up at the window of his cell at the end of the episode.

It was promised before the season began that Daniel Salazar would be back. Tonight he appeared. So Daniel must have found some way out of that fire and made his way back towards the border. Now if anyone could find Ofelia who is presumably somewhere on Broke Jaw Ranch it could be confirmed that both Salazars are alive.

Nick And Troy

The most interesting almost death of the night was Nick just barely not shooting Troy Otto. These two are like different sides of the same broken coin. The tension between them was pretty intense because both are unpredictable and a little unstable.

Troy cajoled Nick to go on a hunt at night for a boar that was menacing some vegetables on Broke Jaw Ranch. Nick didn’t really want to go but changed his mind when Troy handed him a knife.

While on the hunt Troy predictably followed Nick when Nick walked off alone. Nick, knowing exactly what Troy would do, hid and then jumped Troy from behind. Nick got the jump on Troy and held him on the ground at gunpoint.

A Deliberate Miss

Nick asked Troy how long he thought it would be until he turned if Nick killed him. Troy said based on his research it would take 87 minutes. He insisted that Nick time it and write down how long it took him to turn if he actually did kill him. He told Nick that his journal used to record the scientific data he collected killing prisoners at the outpost was in his pocket.

Nick fired, directly next to Troy’s head, to make the point that he wasn’t intimidated and would kill Troy if he wanted to. After realizing that Nick didn’t shoot him Troy tackled Nick and the two grappled. Nick tore Troy’s journal out of his pocket and ripped it up.

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So the death count was light this week on Fear The Walking Dead. But it’s clear that at some point Nick and Troy are going to do more than just trade words and wrestle. It will be interesting to see how that relationship develops this season.