Sneak peek video: Fear The Walking Dead episode 304 ‘100’

Dante Esquiel (Jason Manuel Olazabal) in Episode 4Photo by Michael Desmond/AMC Fear The Walking Dead
Dante Esquiel (Jason Manuel Olazabal) in Episode 4Photo by Michael Desmond/AMC Fear The Walking Dead /

Take a sneak peek at episode 304 of Fear The Walking Dead titled ‘100’ and find out what the future holds for the survivors on AMC’s zombie companion series.

Fear The Walking Dead has been building an amazing story in season 3. That story will continue when episode 4 airs on Sunday, June 18, 2017 to keep things moving between the Otto family and the Clark family.

Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait until that date to get a look at Sunday’s episode titled ‘100’. AMC always offers a little peek into what to expect during the next installment of their popular zombie drama series.

Here is the sneak peek for season 3 episode 4 of Fear The Walking Dead titled ‘100’ as shared on the official YouTube channel of AMC:

This was an interesting scene. Here is a recap of the important events from the sneak peek video from AMC:

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Daniel Salazar is standing outside the cell where Victor Strand is being held. He places a container of water just inside the barred window where Strand grabs it and takes a huge drink, tipping it upside down.

Quenching his thirst, Strand realizes it is Daniel. Jokingly, Daniel says that he is acting like a guardian angel looking out for Victor. Meanwhile, Strand asks how Daniel was able to escape the fire in the wine cellar.

Rather than answering his question, Daniel asks where his daughter Ofelia is. Strand says she escaped with Madison and Alicia, but the group got separated and he doesn’t know where she currently is, but gives him directions to the hotel where he thinks they are.

Strand offers to take him to Ofelia, but that means Daniel will need to set him free.

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Fear The Walking Dead will return with episode 304 titled ‘100’ on Sunday, June 18, 2017. Don’t miss a moment of the powerful third season on AMC!