Returning Fear the Walking Dead character needs to get caught up

Fear The Walking Dead title screen, AMC
Fear The Walking Dead title screen, AMC /

Fear the Walking Dead episode 303 revealed the return of a fan favorite character. Now he needs to catch up with everything he’s missed.

Episode 303 of Fear the Walking Dead, “TEOTWAWKI,” saw the return of a core cast member who has been gone for a while. Was it that one? No, it was the other one!

Spoiler alert…consider yourself warned!

Daniel Salazar is back on Fear the Walking Dead. It would seem that he survived the fire at Casa de Abigail, singed but relatively unscathed. Now he has found himself in Dante’s company, and while we don’t know what he’s doing with Dante we do know that Daniel has made contact with Strand, who is locked up in a prison cell.

At one point during their journey on the Abigail, Daniel Salazar told Strand that he could be a guardian angel for him and not an angel of death. Given their current predicament, now we see that Salazar might indeed be Strand’s guardian angel as Strand sits in Dante’s prison cell. Daniel is his only way out, but will Salazar help Strand?

Daniel Salazar has always been one of the most intriguing characters on Fear the Walking Dead. He has done some unspeakable things in his past, but his past is what has helped keep him alive. He’s a survivor and he had already seen the worst of humanity before the apocalypse had even started. Now he’s using his experience as a guide. Survival is the most important factor right now, because he’s a realist and he has no reason to suspect that his daughter is alive no matter how much he wants it to be the case.

Daniel has no idea that Chris and Travis are dead, and he if he reconnects with Madison he’ll find that the Clark matriarch is a very different person. Things are very different these days, but there’s no question having Daniel back will be a good thing. 

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Seeing Daniel Salazar alive is a wonderful surprise, and it will be very interesting to see what he has been up to in episode 304, “100.”

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC.