Shiva Force is coming to the world of The Walking Dead action figures

Shiva Force promotional photo - The Walking Dead, Skybound, and McFarlane Toys
Shiva Force promotional photo - The Walking Dead, Skybound, and McFarlane Toys /

Fans of old school action figures and The Walking Dead will love Shiva Force by McFarlane Toys including Shiva, Ezekiel, Rick, Michonne, and Jesus.

When it comes to action figures, it seems like everyone had at least on G.I. Joe in their collection. The way they were packaged and advertised made them one of the hottest toys on the market, and now The Walking Dead is getting in on that type of marketing.

Recently, Skybound and The Walking Dead announced a new line of figures from McFarlane toys under the name Shiva Force with awesome versions based on Rick Grimes, King Ezekiel, Michonne, Jesus, and, of course, Shiva.

Here is the amazing throwback video teasing Shiva Force as shared on the official YouTube channel of Skybound:

This video was amazing for several reasons. First, the old school production value and fun story involving The Saviors with a lineup of 5 inch tall action figures being thwarted by Shiva Force is very entertaining.

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Making Jesus a Megabox Exclusive will add a little challenge for collectors hoping to get the entire set. Plus, the box set with all 4 non-exclusive figures at San Diego Comic Con International won’t be cheap either, as the set will set fans back about $100 and there will be full color and bloody variants.

Of course, the logo for Shiva Force and the amazing orange and black camouflage scheme on the rest of the figures really ties the collection together and makes them even more collectible. The single figures are on a vintage card with artwork from Jason Edmiston.

Plus, gamers who play The Walking Dead: Road To Survival will get a chance to acquire the Shiva Force versions of the characters for use in their games beginning July 20th, with King Ezekiel being free for a limited time.

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Fans of The Walking Dead will want to keep their eyes open for Shiva Force action figures at San Diego Comic Con International for these awesome exclusive figures by McFarlane Toys. And even if you can’t get your hands on them, the teaser video alone is great enough to watch and enjoy!