Fear The Walking Dead season 3 episode 4 predictions

Infected - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC
Infected - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead is already heading into episode 4 and there are a lot of questions to be answered now that Daniel Salazar is back.

Fear The Walking Dead is currently in the strongest season that the show has had so far. It helps that Daniel Salazar returned at the end of “TEOTWAWKI”. Daniel is a fierce character and he brings a lot to the group. Somehow he ended up at the dam and found Strand. So the backstory of how Daniel escaped the fire in the cellar of the compound in Mexico will probably be revealed.

Daniel is definitely looking for Ofelia. Since his daughter is the only family he’s got left he’s probably working his way back towards to the US to find her. Strand will fill him in on what happened at the hotel, eventually. But first Strand is going to try and use his information to get himself out his current predicament with Dante at the dam. Strand’s always working an angle.

Kind of like Madison is doing back at the Broke Jaw Ranch by trying to play on Troy’s fixation on her. There was a striking resemblance between Troy’s mom, who was seen on those video tapes, and Madison. So Madison is trying to take a motherly role with Troy to keep Nick safe.

But Nick doesn’t need Madison to keep him safe. He understands Troy better than most of the others do. Nick understands Troy and he knows how dangerous and unstable Troy is. Nick is always relatively unstable and dangerously unpredictable. But Nick’s going to need to face off with Troy at some point over Luciana.

Fear The Walking Dead Episode 4 “100”

Strand will probably try to misdirect Daniel in order to get Daniel’s help escaping Dante. But one way or another Daniel is going to end up at Broke Jaw Ranch. It may take him a couple episodes to get there, but ultimately that’s where he’ll end up.

But when he gets there will anyone have found Ofelia yet? Is Jeremiah keeping her in a barn the way Hershel put walkers in the barn on The Walking Dead? It’s clear that Jeramiah has a lot of secrets. He also has a lot of secret places on that ranch since it was built for the purpose of outlasting the apocalypse. Ofelia could be anywhere.

Once Luciana is well Jeremiah could force her to leave. That would force Nick to choose between his mother and Luciana. He seems perfectly willing to walk away from his family so he would probably choose to go. But Troy might imprison Luciana instead. She and Ofelia could end up prisoners of the Ottos.

Family Reunion At The Ranch

Fear The Walking Dead is already on episode 4 and the players are really just moving into place. It’s a pretty good bet that all of these differing conflicts will come to a head in the mid-season finale. The Ottos are a tough family, but the other people living on the ranch aren’t very experienced. It’s possible that Madison, Daniel, Nick, Ofelia and Alicia could oust the Ottos and take over.

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In “100” Daniel will move closer to the ranch. The conflict between Troy and Nick will intensify but won’t come to a head yet. Madison will continue manipulating everyone she comes across. And possibly there will be the first sighting of Ofelia since Jeremiah took her captive at the end of Fear The Walking Dead season 2.