Greg Nicotero’s views on special effects were changed by The Walking Dead

Greg Nicotero of The Walking Dead, Talking Dead - AMC
Greg Nicotero of The Walking Dead, Talking Dead - AMC /

Greg Nicotero has done amazing special effects over the course of his career, but it was working on The Walking Dead that changed how he sees the art form.

When The Walking Dead recruited special effects guru and executive producer Greg Nicotero to their show, they were getting someone with extensive experience in the field of creating realistic practical effects.

His work had been seen in numerous places before, including installments in the Predator, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Evil Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Creepshow, and many others. But it was his time on AMC’s zombie survival drama that opened his eyes to just how powerful his effects can be.

According to an article on the Cinema Blend website, he has learned to use his makeup and designs to tell a story and develop characters as well as make the scenes realistic enough for viewers to believe.

"“I mean the show has evolved and mutated in so many fascinating ways that, for a person that for up until the last 8 years had been doing primarily movies, to be able to be involved in something long form like this has completely changed the way I design make-up FX, the way I approach production and has given me an incredible understanding of how critical character and story is.”"

Robert Kirkman, the creator of the series, has always said that the series as well as the comics are about people first and foremost and that the zombies are just part of the story being told involving those characters.

That mentality appears to be infectious with the cast and crew of AMC’s hit drama series, especially if the show can change the way an experienced artist like Greg Nicotero views his profession.

"“It’s not just a showcase for FX. It’s about a great story that when something visually arresting happens, you’re much more invested in it. So yeah, for me, it’s been a complete eye opener on how to create these FX and integrate them into what I direct and into the show.”"

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Fans can see more of Greg Nicotero’s work when The Walking Dead returns for season 8 in October of 2017. Hopefully Nicotero can continue to help tell the story of the survivors on AMC’s zombie drama series for many, many seasons to come.