Fear the Walking Dead 304 recap: ‘100’

Infected - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC
Infected - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC /

This week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead shows us where Daniel Salazar has been this whole time. Here’s your recap of ‘100.’

We return to the plantation, which has been abandoned. Daniel Salazar limps along, moving much like one of the Infected. He comes to a community and as he walks he hears voices and music. He needs water, badly. A herd of Infected comes by, and the one that resembles the monster from the Exorcist comes after him. He hides under a car, and she almost attacks him but a dog saves him by distracting the Infected, and Daniel laughs.

After a brief rest, Daniel is still under the car when someone comes along and kills the Infected next to the car. He pulls him out and says his name is Efrain. Efrain can see that Daniel’s leg is in bad shape, which is why the Infected probably left him alone. He has water, but Efrain says they will have to do some walking. They go inside an indoor market and the fountain is dry. Daniel is so thirsty but Efrain tells him to wait a moment. The fountain is on a timer so it eventually turns on and Daniel drinks. They fill up a jug. Efrain says it comes on every Tuesday at 5pm. He knows someone who can help him, and so they get on a bike and ride through the deserted town. Efrain knocks out the Infected with a bat as he rides. They’re on Calle Revolucion in Tijuana when they meet up with his friends who have been waiting for him. There is a truck that comes through looking for people.

Daniel passes out, and so Efrain and his friend Lola look at his leg and see that his pants are stuck to the wound. They need to clean it. Daniel wakes up and realizes they’re going to cut the dead skin off of his leg. Lola warns him not to scream so as to not attract the Infected.

Later, Daniel and Efrain search for supplies in a river overflow channel. Efrain catches an Infected and kills it. He says a prayer every time he kills one, leading Daniel to think he was a priest, but Efrain was never a priest. He welcomes Daniel to his home and they eat together. Daniel thanks him for his hospitality and then wonders the last time Efrain cut his hair. Daniel cuts it, much to Efrain’s delight. He knows that Daniel is going to run away, and Daniel says he is not a good person. He has done bad things and it’s time to pay his debts. Daniel reveals that he killed 96 people, but Efrain doesn’t know how or when he did it. Daniel tells the story of leaving El Salvador with his wife and daughter, and he never told Ofelia the truth about what he did. Efrain asks if he’s looking for his daughter. He was trying to protect her at Casa de Abigail, but he was trapped in the fire. The ceiling collapsed but he fought hard and got out somehow. Then he collapsed, too. When he woke up, he was the only one who survived. Everyone burned. He doesn’t know if Ofelia is alive or dead. He asks for Efrain’s forgiveness, and Efrain gives it. Efrain says there is no one left to judge anyone in this world, but before he can deliver the bad news he falls asleep. Daniel tucks him in.

Daniel strikes out on his own, using his crutch to kill Infected. When his crutch breaks he offers himself up to fate, falling to his knees to pray, but the Infected is killed by lightning.

There are two men talking outside of a drainage pipe. They flip a coin and the loser goes in the pipe to pull a rotted body out. They laugh, but the body comes alive. It’s Daniel. They bring him to the hut and say they can’t bring him in. Lola is there and she takes him inside. They’re at a dam and she explains that when the city fell, Dante Esquivel took over. She gives him clothes and says he has to pretend he works there. Dante’s guard comes in and says she has too many janitors, but she says there are too many bodies in the pipes. Daniel goes out and works, He watches as the people line up at the gates waiting for water. The other worker says it’s either work, be eaten or die.

Daniel eats his lunch when Dante comes in. He doesn’t stand up, and Dante’s guard notices. He pretends not to know that it was the boss who walked in. Daniel stabs him when the man gets on his nerves. Dante returns to find Daniel in a standoff with his guard. Dante recognizes Daniel from the army in El Salvador. In fact, Daniel has the mark of the Sombra Negra on his lip to confirm it. Dante chastises his man for not seeing that he’s in the presence of an assassin. He welcomes Daniel into his inner circles as a guest.

Later, we see Dante leaving his house while explaining to Daniel his system of keeping order by regulating the water. But it’s not communism. Daniel asks to borrow a car to go look for someone. Dante tells him that he could really use Daniel’s help, and if he agrees he would be willing to make sure Daniel has a place to live worthy of his station.

Daniel goes out with JC and the men. They’re the ones Efrain was hiding from earlier. They’re looking for a thief in the city. Someone has been robbing them. They drive into the same indoor shopping center and Daniel realizes that the water is going to turn on. He distracts them but pointing out the place where Efrain was staying.

When Daniel reports back to Lola that he had to distract the guards from the fountain, she’s furious. He explains that it’s only a matter of time when they discover that she has been providing water to the people outside. He’s trying to help her, and he warns that he gave her a chance but she has to work with him.

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Daniel is there when Strand shows up, and he watches when he’s captured. Soon we see Daniel visiting Strand’s cell. Strand drinks and Daniel says he told him he’d be a guardian angel. Strand confirms that Ofelia is alive and in a resort in Rosarito. He promises to lead Daniel there if he lets him out. When Strand hears him say Ofelia is waiting for him, Daniel realizes that Strand is lying. He tells Strand that he would say anything to live. He leaves him there. JC calls for him and he goes to find Dante beating the thief. It’s Efrain.

Dante wants to know who was helping him steal the supplies. He wants Daniel to help torture him. He has all of the tools he might need to torture him. Daniel warns Erfrain that if he talks they will kill Lola, but he can offer him a swift death. Efrain says those aren’t options. Daniel asks for forgiveness, to which Efrain says “again?” Daniel punches him, but he won’t speak. He picks up a hammer and prepares to take a swing, but Lola rushes in and pushes Daniel away. His job is done.

Outside, Dante has Efrain and Lola lined up on the dam and says this is a punishment for robbing him of water. Strand is lined up, too. One man begs for his life, and Dante throws him over the edge. Daniel goes to Lola and guides her over to Dante. Dante asks if Daniel is ready, and then he asks JC  for help. Daniel takes the gun and kills JC, then he shoots the other guard and then Dante. He gives the gun to Lola and asks her forgiveness. She offers him her hand.

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