Fear The Walking Dead: A surprise death in season 3 episode 4

Ruben Blades as Daniel Salazar - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC
Ruben Blades as Daniel Salazar - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead continued to make season 3 the strongest yet in episode 4 “100”. But not everyone made it out alive.

Daniel Salazar came back in a big way in Fear The Walking Dead’s latest episode “100”. And as usual he left some bodies in his wake. Daniel, the professional torturer with a troubled soul, didn’t even know for sure if his beloved daughter Ofelia was alive. He thought that he might have burned her alive in the fire at the religious compound.

He found out from Strand that Ofelia made it out of the compound alive. But by that time Daniel had already taken a position of authority in Dante’s security force protecting the dam. It looked like he might have to kill Efrain, the man who saved his life. He gave Efrain a pretty good beating on the order of Dante.

Efrain found Daniel half dead and suffering from a seriously injured leg that was burned in the fire. Together Efrain and Lola, who was one of the dam dwellers, got Daniel back on his feet. But once Daniel joined Dante’s security squad he turned in Efrain as a water thief. Daniel was trying to save the rest of the community of outsiders who were scavenging outside the dam and hiding from Dante.

But Efrain ended up in the torture chair. Dante wanted to know who from his organization was helping Efrain and he called in Daniel to torture Efrain to get him to give up the name. Daniel didn’t hold back. He beat Efrain pretty badly and was ready to kill him. But Lola gave herself up to prevent Daniel from killing Efrain.

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Sending A Message

Dante and Daniel, along with three other members of the security squad, lined up Efrain, Lola, Strand and another prisoner on the dam wall. They were destined to take the swan dive into the pile of walkers at the bottom of the dam. The first prisoner got tossed off the dam.

But when it Lola’s turn Daniel had a crisis of conscience. Daniel is still the stone cold killer and torturer he was in El Salvador. But he also has a conscience and is bothered by the violence he’s committed. At the last minute, he turned on Dante and the security force.

Instead of tossing Lola over the edge he killed the other members of the security force. Then he killed Dante. He freed Lola, Efrain and Strand and will presumably be on the road next week looking for Ofelia. He doesn’t trust Strand, but he’s going to cling to the hope that Ofelia is still alive.

The Act Of God Walker

There were random walker kills also in this episode. But we need to talk about that ridiculous lightening strike walker. Daniel, still having a crisis of faith, is outside killing walkers with his crutch. A huge walker approaches. Daniel takes a swing but fails to knock the walker down. He gets on his knees and prays. As he is praying a bolt of lightning hits the walker directly in the head.

It kills him.

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This kill was a ridiculous ploy in otherwise really strong episode. It’s great to have Daniel back. But his story is strong enough by itself without the cheap theatrics. That was a disappointing moment in what is arguably one of the best episodes of Fear The Walking Dead so far.