Talked about scene from Fear The Walking Dead 304 ‘100’

Ricardo Chacon as J.C., Jason Manuel Olazabal as Dante Esquivel, Ruben Blades as Daniel Salazar, Fear The Walking Dead -- AMC
Ricardo Chacon as J.C., Jason Manuel Olazabal as Dante Esquivel, Ruben Blades as Daniel Salazar, Fear The Walking Dead -- AMC /

Daniel Salazar was put in a tough situation involving Dante and a group of survivors needing water during last week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead.

During the most recent episode of Fear The Walking Dead, the focus shifted to telling the story of what happened after the events at the Abigail plantation following the massive fire and invasion by walkers.

In particular, Daniel Salazar was showcased in season 3 episode 4. It was revealed how he survived the fire and the trip to the dam run by Dante and the rest of the people controlling the flow of water to the people.

One of the most talked about scenes involved Dante and Daniel. Here is that scene as shared by the official YouTube channel of AMC:

Dante was preparing to deal with the “water thieves” as he does with anyone who defies him or his efforts to control the flow of water. His plan was to throw them off the dam only to land on a pile of walkers, which devour the body.

After one person is thrown off the dam, Daniel is told to bring Lola, the woman from the water treatment plant, to them. A known conspirator to the water thieves, she is to meet her doom by being thrown off the dam.

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Daniel brings her to Dante, but he hesitates to throw her off. Dante’s bodyguard then approaches them, but with a quick motion he headbutts the guard and then shoots in the head. Next, he turns his sights to the guard watching the rest of the hostages and pulls the trigger, dumping the other body off the dam.

With both of them dead, Daniel turns his attention to Dante, who begs for his life. His words don’t earn him his life, as Daniel shoots him in the forehead and then cuts Lola’s hands free, drops to one knee, and gives her his gun, allowing her to decide his fate.

Asking for forgiveness, Daniel looks up at her. He looks back down, but instead of shooting him, she extends her hand to him.

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That scene from Fear The Walking Dead was a powerful one that helped not only to establish Daniel’s story but set the scene for what is happening in the early stages of the zombie apocalypse. Plus, with Strand witnessing the whole thing, hopefully his opinion of Daniel has changed.