5 questions answered in Fear The Walking Dead episode 304 ‘100’

Daniel Salazar - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Daniel Salazar - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /
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What were some of the most important questions that were answered during season 3 episode 4 of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead titled ‘100’ on June 18, 2017?

Fans of Fear The Walking Dead were quite curious about what happened regarding Daniel Salazar when he appeared in last week’s episode of AMC’s popular zombie survival drama companion series.

Thankfully, season 3 episode 4 of the show focused on Daniel and how he survived, what he is living for, and how he got to where he currently is. But some more questions were answered along the way as well.

During the episode titled ‘100’, the situation at the dam and the water situation were tackled as well, with Victor Strand being a piece of the entire situation as well. With so much going on, some big questions were bound to be answered.

Here are some of the biggest queries that were answered during the June 18, 2017 episode starting with whether or not Daniel really survived the fire at the Abigail plantation.