Fear The Walking Dead ratings jump in extended views again

Jesse Borrego as Efrain Morales, Ruben Blades as Daniel Salazar, Fear The Walking Dead -- AMC
Jesse Borrego as Efrain Morales, Ruben Blades as Daniel Salazar, Fear The Walking Dead -- AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead season 3 episode 3 titled “TEOTWAWKI” picked up another impressive gain in extended views, giving more traction to the series.

Fear The Walking Dead saw a jump of 52% in extended Live+3 views for the third episode of season 3 “TEOTWAWKI”. The show got an additional 1.7 million vies once the extended views were counted. That gave it 3.8 million views overall in the three days after the episode aired.

The latest episode, “100” saw the return of one of the original characters Daniel Salazar. The episode was praised on social media as one of the best that the show has done. In live views “100” scored 2.3 million views. “100” should pick up at least another million views in extended views. Since Salazar is one of the most popular characters, it may even get more views.

Overall views for AMC’s companion series are down this season. But views for cable shows across the board have been dropping as more and more people abandon cable. The program still remains one of the best performing cable shows. It’s consistently at the top of the Sunday night ratings.

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Fear had some growing pains in season 2 but so far is delivering the strongest season yet with season 3. Fans who were on the fence about the show are finally getting the character and story development that they’ve wanted since season 1. The return of Daniel Salazar should boost ratings even further.

Stagnant Characters Cause A Disconnect With Audiences

One of the major criticisms of Fear The Walking Dead has been a lack of character development. Fans are just not connecting emotionally with the characters in Fear. Heading into the middle of season 3 fans are just now starting to develop an attachment to the characters.

When Chris Manawa died in Season 2 it was almost like a non-event for fans. There was none of the sorrow or outrage that usually comes with a main character death in The Walking Dead world. Even when Travis Manawa died there wasn’t the same type of visceral reaction that fans go through when a character dies on The Walking Dead.

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But that could be changing. This season Fear The Walking Dead is delivering well developed storylines and providing more character development. Bringing back Daniel Salazar is a good start. Fear The Walking Dead’s ratings are not even close to the ratings for The Walking Dead but they’re consistent. The show should see an influx of new fans as it starts to connect more with audiences.