Who died in episode 305 of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead?

Fire at the Broke Jaw Ranch - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Fire at the Broke Jaw Ranch - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead “Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame” almost delivered another major character death in one of the strongest episodes so far.

Fear The Walking Dead is having its strongest season to date. As the show starts to head into the mid-season finale it’s exciting to see the storylines that are in place develop. Ofelia is still MIA. But now that Daniel Salazar is back in the picture it can’t be too long before Ofelia is found.

Episode 5 of season 3, “Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame” started out with deaths. Even though fans didn’t really know the Browns their passing was poignant. The short intro scene showed both their love for each other and the reality of life after the apocalypse.

In a previous scene, Russell and Martha Brown were shown dancing together in their small home on Broke Jaw Ranch. In the episode 5 intro Russell wakes up in the night to find Martha has died. She also has turned. As walker Martha comes towards him he wraps her in his arms and starts dancing with her. He holds her so closely that she can’t attack him.

Then he takes a pistol and shoots himself in the head, with his head next to her head. The bullet kills them both. As they fall a lantern gets knocked over and lights the small house on fire. The Browns died the same way they lived – together. In The Walking Dead world that’s really the best death you can hope for.

The Scouting Party

Madison and Troy head out with a couple of others to find out what happened to the scouting party. The first group that went looking for the remains of the helicopter and signs of who shot at it never came back.

The other guys on the team give Madison a hard time about pulling her weight. Until they see her in action. The group comes up on an overturned group of prison inmates who have turned. Madison battles off two large walkers and establishes herself as someone who can take care of herself.

She and Troy continue to build some kind of weird relationship. It’s unsettling to watch the two of them together. But Madison is an expert manipulator, that’s clear. When they reach the helicopter crash site they find that the remains were cleared away. There’s also signs of a fight.

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They find the bodies of the first group burned in a pile behind a small outpost. They also find one of the men tied to a chair sitting on the edge of a cliff. There’s a crow picking at his head. He’s been scalped, and the bird is eating his exposed brain. Madison calmly stabs him in the brain.

While they are busy with the scalped man another man appears. He’s the leader of the group who killed the Broke Jaw men and shot at the helicopter. He tells Troy that they need to abandon the ranch because it’s on Native American land. Then he takes their guns, vehicles, and shoes. They have to walk back to the ranch barefoot.

Madison’s Manipulation Almost Backfires

After a long time walking it gets dark and late. The men are tired and hurting. Troy is going to force them to keep going but Madison challenges him. He speaks sharply to her for challenging him but he keeps up the pressure until he gives in.

Then Madison wakes up to Troy holding a huge knife to her throat. He looks as if he’s going to slit her throat but he changes her mind and leave. The next morning they keep going back to the ranch. But Troy’s infatuation with Madison is definitely double-edged.

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Midseason Finale Death Possibilities

There haven’t been any major deaths since Travis died. But the Fear The Walking Dead mid-season finale is coming up quickly. And a lot of storylines are starting to converge. Daniel is inevitably going to end up at the ranch. He and Jeremiah Otto would definitely be at odds. Troy is still a loose cannon, which means Nick and Madison are both in danger from him. So Nick, Madison, Jeremiah Otto, or several other characters might be in danger when the mid-season finale arrives.