Fear The Walking Dead ratings hold steady for another week

Fire at the Broke Jaw Ranch - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Fire at the Broke Jaw Ranch - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead ratings may be slightly lower in Season 3 but the consistency of the numbers shows that the show is building a strong fan base.

Fans of The Walking Dead seem to be giving Fear The Walking Dead another chance. That’s a good thing, because season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead has been the best season so far. Now that season 3 is five episodes in it’s clear that the show has finally found some solid footing.

But fans are still hesitant to give Fear The Walking Dead their loyalty. The ratings in season 2 varied wildly from nearly 7 million viewers to just under 3 million viewers. That inconsistency reflected the ambivalence that fans were feeling about the show.

So far in season 3 the ratings have been lower, but they are more consistent. The latest episode “Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame” had 2.5 million live views on Sunday night according to TV by the numbers. That’s almost exactly how many live views each episode of season 3 has had. The season opener had 2.7 million. But the others all hovered around 2.5 million.

And each week the show gains over 1 million new views once the Live+3 views are counted. Episode 4, “100” is no exception. “100” had 1.26 million views in extended viewing. That gives “100” a Live+3 total of 3.6 million views.

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Building The Fanbase

Fear The Walking Dead’s ratings are lower than previous season. But the fact that they are so consistent shows that the show is finally getting fans that are invested in the characters. It took a couple of seasons for The Walking Dead fans to really embrace Fear but it looks like season 3 will be the season it all comes together for AMC’s companion series.

The show has already been renewed for season 4. In season 4 Dave Erickson, who has been the showrunner since the first season, is stepping down. He will still be an Executive Producer on the show. But a new showrunner should help the show continue in the positive direction it’s taken. In addition to a new showrunner The Walking Dead’s Scott Gimple will be joining Fear as an Executive Producer.

Ratings Perspective

Just because Fear The Walking Dead’s ratings aren’t sky high like The Walking Dead’s ratings doesn’t mean the show isn’t a hit. The Walking Dead is a hard act to follow. No show on cable has ever approached the massive ratings that The Walking Dead draws year after year.

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Compared to other shows in the genre Fear The Walking Dead still has sky-high ratings. Most genre shows draw about a million viewers in combined views. That makes Fear still a standout in the genre because it regularly draws over 3 million viewers in combined views.