The Walking Dead Savior Hunter Watson on that finale, all out war, and his band Call of All’s new album

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The Walking Dead season 8 is getting closer and recently we talked to Savior Hunter Watson to find out more about The Saviors and the new Call of All album “War and Illusion”.

The Walking Dead premiere may be a few months away still but we’re keeping an eye on The Saviors and keeping tracking of what they’re up to as the survivors head into all out war in season 8. Recently we caught up with Hunter Watson to find out more about his music, how he became a Savior, and what he thought about The Walking Dead season 7 finale

How did you get into acting?

"I am honestly very, very new to the acting world. Being from the Muscle Shoals/Florence, Alabama area, acting opportunities were never really present until I moved to Atlanta, Georgia. This all really only started in the fall of 2015. However, I have been in the entertainment industry on the music business side of things since about 2009. I secured my first speaking role with Tyler Perry on “Too Close To Home” in June of 2016, which made me eligible for ‘the union” SAG-AFTRA. Prior to this I was featured on The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals”."

What did you think about the events in The Walking Dead finale?

"The finale was intense! Definitely a lot of emotional turmoil, twists, and a boiling over of matters."

Were you a fan of the show before being cast?

"Yes, to a degree. My former bassist Clay Eubank got me in to the show. I had watched season 1 and 2 during some down time. But when heavy playing shows, traveling on the road, and working in the studio with my music career in the earlier years, you don’t have as much time as you would like to do normal everyday things."

Do you read the comics or just watch the show?

"Not much of a reader…more of writer. But I prefer seeing the visual content that the show provides and then going back and looking at the comic from that standpoint. But I have not read the comic page for page…YET! But I believe that should be next on my list of things to do!"

What do you think keeps The Saviors loyal to such a brutal dictator?

"Survival! Ya gotta think, The Saviors went through the very same tragic apocalypse that everyone else did. Did you ever think that before Negan came along nothing else was working to keep everyone alive from all the walkers? What about also being able to resurrect a small economy from the ashes of the world and provide food in mass quantities once again? Before Negan’s order and rules this was not happening. You are simply just seeing tribalism in its full nature. Everyone comes from their own worlds that the apocalypse created… “The Rules Keep Us Alive!”"

Can The Saviors beat the other communities now that the other communities working together?

"Only Season 8 can tell you that one."

If you had to pick one member of Team Family to fight with The Saviors who would it be?

"You know Negan loves his Daryl…"

Are you doing any con appearances?

"That has been discussed, but everything is about timing when also juggling a music career."

You have an album coming out soon don’t you?

"My band “Call of All” will be releasing our Debut Album “War & Illusion” August 25th, 2017. Fresh new alternative rock music will be available globally and can also be streamed on Spotify!"

You can get a preview of “War and Illusion” in Call of All’s new lyric video:

Go to for more information, news, tour dates, and music. You can also keep up with Hunter at

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Big thanks to Hunter Watson for taking the time to talk with Undead Walking! We’re looking forward to seeing what goes down in The Walking Dead season 8 premiere and seeing how The Saviors measure up against Team Family.