The Walking Dead wins two Saturn Awards including Best Horror TV show

Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead, AMC
Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead, AMC /

The Walking Dead picked up two Saturn Awards last night including the award for Best Horror TV show.

Fans of The Walking Dead have noted for years that the show is chronically overlooked by TV award shows. However, this year the show was nominated for a whopping seven Saturn Awards. At the awards ceremony last night the show won two of the seven categories it was nominated for.

Andrew Lincoln was nominated for the Best TV Actor category for his role as the beloved Rick Grimes. Other nominees included heavy hitters like Bruce Campbell and Mike Colter but Andrew Lincoln won the Best TV Actor Saturn Award.

The Walking Dead also won the Saturn Award for Best Horror TV show over shows like American Horror Story: Roanoke, Ash Vs. Evil Dead, and Fear The Walking Dead.

Overall the Saturn Awards represented a big win for the critical recognition that the show has been denied for many years. But one of the biggest disappointments of the night was that neither Danai Gurira nor Melissa McBride won the Best Supporting Actress on a Television Series award. Both were nominated. After the great performances of both actresses in season 7 it was a surprise that neither won the award.

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Norman Reedus Snubbed

Also snubbed was fan favorite Norman Reedus. Reedus was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series award. Season 7 gave Daryl a very emotional and intense storyline that should have made Reedus a strong contender for the award. The award went to Ed Harris instead for his work on HBO’s Westworld.

The Saturn Awards

The Saturn Awards are an annual celebration of genre shows and movies. Often these genre shows are left out of mainstream award nominations.  Science fiction, horror and fantasy shows and movies make up the core of the nominees for the Saturn Awards.

The nominees are selected by the members of The Academy of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Films. The Academy’s goal is to put a spotlight on the overlooked  science fiction, horror and fantasy genres in film and TV.

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Over the past decade fan support for genre shows and movies has skyrocketed. Winning a Saturn Award may not have the mainstream clout that winning an Emmy has. But to be honored for excellence by the people who really know and love these genres is a big achievement.

Congratulations to Andrew Lincoln and to The Walking Dead for winning critical recognition for their outstanding work!