Watch The Walking Dead without ads on AMC’s new Premiere network

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead -- AMC /

If you hate the frequent ads on The Walking Dead and other AMC shows you can now watch without ads on AMC Premiere, the network’s new subscription service.

AMC is set to launch a new premium subscription version of the network that will let fans see popular shows such as The Walking Dead ad-free. According to Variety AMC Premiere is now available to Comcast subscribers. You will need a cable subscription to access AMC Premiere.

But for just $5 per month you can watch The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Preacher, and your other favorite AMC shows without all those annoying ad breaks. Right now AMC Premiere is only available through Comcast. Making the premiere network available through other companies and through is in the works.

Subscribers to the premiere version of the AMC network will be able to watch episodes as they air on regular cable just without the ads. They will also get access to exclusive movies and previews, interviews, and other special features. Viewers who subscribe can also watch the ad free network on their TVs, computers, and mobile devices.

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The increasingly frequent ad breaks in AMC shows have been a point of contention for fans who hate the interruption. One of the reasons why DVR views are up and live views are dropping is that many fans DVR the shows to watch later when they can skip the commercials.

Raising Cable Views And Keeping Fans Happy

Cable views of all shows including AMC’s zombie survival dramas have been dropping. That’s largely due to the record number of people who are dropping cable subscriptions in favor of streaming. By launching a premium ad free service that is only available through a cable subscription AMC can keep both their cable partners and fans happy.

For many fans that watch The Walking Dead on cable a $5 per month fee is a small price to pay in order to watch their favorite show uninterrupted. Getting access to all the other content is just a nice bonus.

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