Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead joins Stretch Armstrong cast on Netflix

Fans of The Walking Dead know Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee, but he will also be lending his voice to the upcoming Netflix animated series Stretch Armstrong.

On AMC’s The Walking Dead, Steven Yeun captured the hearts of fans around the world trough his character Glenn Rhee, a pizza boy who found his way in the zombie apocalypse while becoming a leader, survivor, husband, and father.

Those who want to see more of the actor from the hit undead drama series are in luck. Not only is he in the film Okja on Netflix, but the streaming service will be offering even more Yeun in the form of a new cartoon series based on Stretch Armstrong.

For those who don’t remember Stretch Armstrong, the concept is based on a popular toy made by Hasbro from 1976 to 1980 (and for a short time in 1990) which had arms and legs which could stretch out to amazing distances.

According to, Yeun will join others such as Scott Menville (Teen Titans Go!Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Ogie Banks (Ultimate Spider-Man), Wil Wheaton (Teen Titans Go!Star Trek: The Next Generation), Felicia Day (The GuildSupernatural), and Keith David (Adventure TimeRick and Morty) on the Netflix project.

Yeun will play the role of Nathan Park, one of the best friends of Jake Armstrong. However, Park has a secret identity called Wingspan and calls upon his alter ego when trouble arises.

CBR also reports that the series will be made up of 26 episodes which will debut on Netflix in late 2017.

Of course, those who want to see Steven Yeun on Netflix right now can watch episodes of The Walking Dead or the movie Okja, but rest assured that there will be new material from the man fans knew as Glenn Rhee coming to the streaming service in the future.

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