Forget NASA’s Planetary Protector, we need a Zombie Defender

Now that we know NASA is officially recruiting someone to defend the planet, can we safely assume that there is a Zombie Czar waiting in the wings?

If you haven’t heard yet, NASA is recruiting a Planetary Protector to help defend Planet Earth in the event of attack. There’s even an Office of Planetary Protection at NASA with a fancy government website, so this is very much a real job that pays a good salary if you have the experience to do the job. Naturally this begs a very important question: Is there an office of defense against zombies?

We know that the Center for Disease Control have used zombies and a zombie epidemic in their disaster preparedness training. If you’re ready for zombies, you’ll be ready for anything. That makes perfect sense, and it’s a great way to convey their message.

But if NASA has an Office of Planetary Protection, shouldn’t there be an Office of Undead Defense?

I know it sounds crazy, but these are uncertain times. We should be ready for anything, and that includes the super flu and anything else that might turn people into zombies. We’ve already seen the effects of bath salts that make ordinary people try to eat other people’s flesh. You never know what could happen.

Clearly, we could really use a group of people who are capable of stepping in when the dead start walking. Just in case. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, right?

Let’s get the conversation going. Imagine that there is an Office of Undead Defense. What qualifications would you look for in your Undead Defenders?