Could The Walking Dead face the same cyberattacks as Game of Thrones?

With the wave of recent attacks aimed at leaking episodes of Game of Thrones, should The Walking Dead fans be worried that TWD is next?

It started with hacked footage and has moved to the leak of an entire episode of Game of Thrones. HBO has been the victim of a recent cyberattack, joining a list of entertainment companies like Sony that have seen a rise in cyberattacks in recent months. Given the prevalence of these attacks, should AMC and The Walking Dead be worried that they will be the next target?

Like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead is also a worldwide television phenomenon that keeps fans enthralled every week when it’s in season. Leaking episodes, and the subsequent spoilers that follow, are becoming a bigger problems for production companies who seek to protect their shows from being leaked ahead of their scheduled air dates.

This most recent Game of Thrones leak, which includes an entire episode that was scheduled to air August 6, has been tracked to one of HBO’s partners in India. While this wasn’t park of the recent cyberattack at HBO, it’s still problematic. This is a red flag indicator that while HBO’s servers are secure, it’s quite possible that their foreign counterparts are not prepared to handle something as sensitive as Game of Thrones, which has such a massive target on its back in the hacker community.

After Game of Thrones ends its run in a couple of weeks, The Walking Dead is the next big show on the schedule and it seems ripe for the picking if hackers want to continue their wave of attacks. That said, AMC is probably working hard to ensure that episodes are secure, and that anyone who has access to them outside the United States has servers that are as impenetrable as possible.

Granted, at this point no one can prevent cyberattacks, but with preparation and constant vigilance production companies like AMC can learn from HBO and protect their shows.