The Walking Dead has an official cookbook now

If you want to make Carol’s cookies for your The Walking Dead season 8 premiere viewing party you’re in luck. The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook And Survival Guide has the recipe.

There are several great books about The Walking Dead that are going to be released soon. Most of them are coming in early October just before the landmark 100th episode of the show. But The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook And Survival Guide is pretty unique. It shows you how to make some of the iconic food that has been featured on the show.

Entertainment Weekly shared an exclusive photo of the cover and a look at the recipe for Carol’s Cookies from season 6. The book is written by a professional chef, Lauren Wilson. She is currently a manager at Rose’s Bar and Grill in Brooklyn, NY. She previously wrote another food related survival guide: The Art Of Eating Through The Zombie Apocalypse.

The book features iconic foods that have found a place in The Walking Dead lore like Carol’s cookies. And spaghetti in honor of Hershel’s declaration that the prison survivors have “Spaghetti Tuesday every Wednesday.”

Photo courtesy of EW, The Walking Dead Official Cookbook And Survival Guide

But the book is more than just recipes. Interspersed with the recipes of foods features on and inspired by the show Lauren has included some pretty useful information about urban foraging, finding safe plants and other edibles in the locations near you, and how to turn what you find into tasty meals that will give you the energy to keep fighting walkers. And people.

Expect A Lot More The Walking Dead Themed Items This Fall

As The Walking Dead approaches the season 8 premiere there will most likely be a lot more Walking Dead merchandise coming. Fans from all walks of life are finding creative ways to express their passion for the show. And they’re celebrating the huge achievement that the show has reached by hitting 100 episodes.

When The Walking Dead first started very few people had any idea that the show would become the global phenomenon and cultural icon that it has become. Previous to The Walking Dead there had never been a horror show that managed to appeal to such a huge audience.

And The Walking Dead isn’t slowing down.  Recently showrunner Scott Gimple promised fans that the season 8 premiere would be action packed. Fans can’t wait to see a more frenetic pace in season 8. All Out War is going to make the first half of season 8 an intense and emotional ride for fans.

If you want to pick up The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook And Survival Guide to plan your premiere viewing party food it will be out October 10th.   But you can preorder it now on Amazon and other sites.