Fear The Walking Dead: 10 predictions for season 3B

Madison and Walker - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Madison and Walker - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /
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Fear The Walking Dead;AMC
Fear The Walking Dead;AMC /

10. The Two Groups Won’t Live In Peace

Jeremiah Otto’s death should have calmed down the inflamed dynamics between the two groups. One of the biggest points of contention between the groups was the personal vendetta between Jeremiah Otto and Walker. But it looks like the animosity is going to continue.

Madison did the best she could to broker a truce with Walker because she knew that the ranch wouldn’t survive against Walker’s group. But that doesn’t mean that Walker’s group and the residents of the Broke Jaw Ranch are going to accept each other easily.

Neither side wants the other to be other. And let’s face it, the residents of the ranch aren’t exactly the most open minded tolerant people. They’re going to take it as a personal insult when Walker’s group moves in.

Tensions are going to be high around the ranch. There’s bound to be some clashes as the two groups try to claim their own spaces on the ranch. And with supplies running low having to share with Walker’s group is definitely not going to sit well with the Broke Jaw Ranch originals.

They’ve spent years on the ranch laying in supplies and outfitting the ranch for the apocalypse. Being forced to turn over those supplies and share their space with Native Americans is going to set these racists off for sure.