The Walking Dead Season 7 Arrives on Hulu Japan on 9/23

The Walking Dead Season 7 Arrives on Hulu Japan on 9/23, All Episodes - Promo Photo Credit - AMC / Hulu Japan
The Walking Dead Season 7 Arrives on Hulu Japan on 9/23, All Episodes - Promo Photo Credit - AMC / Hulu Japan /

The Walking Dead’s full seventh season is arriving in style on Hulu Japan on Saturday, September 23rd! On 9/23, all episodes will be available, ready to go.

The Walking Dead’s illustrious Negan-led seventh season is coming to Hulu Japan subscribers this Saturday. On September 23rd, the entire season will be published on the service from start to finish, in dubbed form or with subtitles! The Walking Dead’s first six seasons were already previously available for subscribers. The arrival comes at a great time ahead of Season 8’s debut broadcast on Hulu Fox’s Channel on Monday, October 23rd next month.

Never been a better time for Japanese native Walking Dead fans to catchup on last season’s pivotal events. All before Rick Grimes’ patched-on-the-fly rebellion and Negan’s Sanctuary see a showdown for the ages!

The real-time broadcast of The Walking Dead’s upcoming 8th season will be shown on Japan’s Hulu Fox Channel every Monday at 10:00pm JST (22:00). The season will start on October 23rd, then after the conclusion of the 9th episode, will return on February 8th, 2018.

What The Walking Dead sounds like with Japanese Dubbing on Hulu Japan

Though us Americans usually challenge British/Australian actors to use a Southern accent, other places where the native language is not English have a whole different take.

Watch the video above and see what Rick Grimes sounds like with full-on Japanese dubbing. We wonder if ‘Carl’ has an iconic Japanese delivery like Andrew Lincoln’s version. ‘Coral’ has simply spun out of control into meme after meme here in the states.

Hulu Japan’s History

More from Undead Walking

Hulu first launched their streaming service over in Japan back in 2011, bringing American licensed Television like

The Walking Dead

to the subscribers.

Back on February 27, 2014, Nippon Television Network Corporation (known as Nippon TV) acquired Hulu Japan’s business.

Japan residents can subscribe to the service to catch up on The Walking Dead’s seven seasons at Hulu Japan’s website.

The Walking Dead’s sixth season previously arrived on Hulu Japan’s service on October 16th, 2015.

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For casual Hulu Japan subscribers who missed out on season 7’s iconic premiere episode… You’re in for a wild ride!