Fear The Walking Dead: Who died in episode 312 “Brother’s Keeper”?

The Infected- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC
The Infected- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead has been a little light on deaths lately, but that changed tonight in season 3 episode 12 “Brother’s Keeper”.

Fear The Walking Dead ramped up the drama this week after a relatively light episode last week. Madison, Strand, and Walker haven’t made it back to the ranch yet.

But while they’ve been gone things went sideways at the ranch. Troy started leading a massive herd of walkers towards the ranch. Then he snuck back to the ranch to warn them about it.

When Nick and Jake went out to the outpost to see what Troy was talking about and make him answer for his crime of sneaking back into the ranch things didn’t go well.

Jake was bitten in the arm by a walker. Nick did some quick thinking and cut off Jake’s arm, hoping to stop the infection before it spread, but it wasn’t enough. Jake bled out and died in Troy’s arms. Troy hesitated to put his brother down, and it seemed like he might have been thinking about suicide by the brother, but eventually, he did put Jake down.

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Jake And Alicia

Before Jake went out with Nick and he and Alicia were fighting a little. Jake seemed to be questioning whether or not Alicia really had feelings for him. He asked her if she really liked him or if she was just making an alliance. He asked her if it was part of the plan for Madison to work Otto, Nick to attach himself to Troy, and for her to get close to him.

Earlier in the episode, he mentioned to Alicia that he wanted the two of them to leave. He said that everything he was fighting for at the ranch was done. His father was gone. Troy was gone. He was clearly floundering.

It also was clear from the start that Jake was no leader. He would never be able to take control of Brokejaw Ranch and merge the groups. But the Fear The Walking Dead world needed Jake’s appreciation for art and his unique view of the situation that the survivors are in now.

More Death on the Ranch

One of the strongest soldiers at the ranch was a man called Cooper. The big, strong, and focused soldier was a regular part of the group that went up against the Black Hat as well as went on the search for the helicopter.

Sadly, he was surrounded by walkers when the ranch was overrun and was put out of his misery by Alicia, who shot him in the head as walkers were eating his body.

Coop and several unnamed members of the doomsday preppers, as well as the Black Hat, met their doom while battling the undead.

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Rest in peace Jake Otto. We barely got to know you but you were the best of your crazy, racist, slightly deranged family on Fear The Walking Dead. You’ll be missed.