Fear the Walking Dead 313 recap: ‘This Land Is Your Land’

Ofelia Salazar (Mercedes Mason) in Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 12Photo by Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Ofelia Salazar (Mercedes Mason) in Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 12Photo by Richard Foreman Jr/AMC /

Fear the Walking Dead steps things up with this week’s “This Land Is Your Land.” Here is your complete recap of season 3 episode 13.

Our journey tonight begins inside the storage pantry. Alicia surveys the room and sees the community trying to deal with the aftermath of the attack. She knows supplies are short but she passes out drinks as people demand that she turn on the air. She spots a man with a bite as Ofelia calls her over and says there’s a problem with the air vent. No air is coming through. Crazy Dog says there must be a way to get air but the room was not designed to house people, certainly not that many people.

Outside, Troy digs with his hands to bury his brother. Nick tells him there’s no time, and Troy says Jake was better than they are. Nick tells him that he needs to stop and do the job Jake would do because they failed.

Inside, Alicia says they have two hours of air left. The group’s leaders decide they need to move, but Alicia points out that they can buy time by killing the people who have been bitten. They know no one will confess to being bitten. Crazy Dog thinks they should send bitten people to clean the vents. He sees them as already dead.

Alicia goes to address the crowd. She says they know they’re all scared and she tells them the vents are broken. They are blocked and they need to fix it or suffocate. They have less time with more people. She says they’re asking people who have been bitten to come forward. At first no one moves, but Crazy Dog intervenes with his gun. One of the ranchers shows his wound to them, and then, slowly, others do the same. As it happens, many people were bitten. They start coming forward, which changes the atmosphere inside the room.

Nick and Troy look out over the ranch. They try to come up with a plan. Troy thinks they should drive through the Infected and torch the fuel on the side of the ranch to distract them.

Alicia hands Ofelia a gun and they ask if they will be ok. Ofelia hugs Alicia and then she and Crazy Dog climb up into the vent.

Alicia is left with a room full of the bitten. They have drugs to knock them out, and Alicia says they “will be taken care of.” They want to know how she’ll do it. They want more time. One of the people tells everyone it’s morphine and it will make them feel good. Alicia goes in with the first “victim” who volunteers. It’s a member of Black Hat. She looks at him and he nods and lies on the ground. She gives him the morphine. Once he’s out, she takes her knife and stabs him in the back of the head. She emerges from the room and goes to a corner, hyperventilating. The woman who talked about the morphine goes back to her and says she needs to do her part. The group needs her because of her strength. “Don’t break on them now,” she says.

Nick looks out as Troy is at the wheel. They’re going to blow the fuel up to create a scene. Nick gets out and shoots at one of the tents as a distraction. They drive through the herd of Infected. Troy laughs gleefully, but he stops laughing when he crashes into an RV. They start fighting the Infected and make it to the helicopter. Troy is still laughing as they’re surrounded.

Alicia has a pile of bodies and one more “victim.” She needs a minute because he’s the one who has been helping her. She starts to give him the morphine and he cries and apologizes for what he did to all of the people while serving in Troy’s militia. Once he’s out, she takes care of him. When it’s done, she goes in to see the rest of the group. They stare at her with malice in their eyes.

Ofelia and Crazy Dog go through the vents to the end, where they come to a drop. They have to go feet first, which means turning around in a very small space. Crazy Dog gets stuck and starts hyperventilating. She talks him down from his frenzy.

Alicia sits alone and says she never should have led people inside. Christine tells her that her husband was in the first World Trade Tower. She called his phone over and over again. She says hope is all you have. She tells Alicia that she gave them hope and that means a lot. The woman continues her story that she met her second husband at a survivor’s group. He was funny. Humor is more important than good sex. Alicia wants to know why she’s at the ranch and she says her husband thought 9/11 was the beginning of the end. They spent their last years hiding instead of exploring. She tells Alicia to promise to not make decisions based on fear.

Crazy Dog apologizes for freaking out. She asks if he was in Iraq and she tells him about the stuff her dad saw that haunted him “until the end.” She thinks that’s the price you pay. He says he lost himself in front of his son and that was the last time he saw him. Ofelia asks if he’s ready.

Alicia listens to Christine talking about ripping her bra off in Woodstock and they exchange fun things they did in the past. The women laugh. Alicia talks about singing “This Land Is Your Land” at summer camp. She was supposed to sing but she froze and couldn’t remember the lines. When she sees Nick’s face looking at her in horror, he runs up on stage and runs to save her and he forgot the lines, too. They sing the line “This Land Is Your Land” over and over. They got a standing ovation. Everyone loves Nick, she says. They were close as kids but all that changed. Alicia says she looked up to him when she was young, even more than her dad. The oxygen is getting thin. She looks over to see that Christine is dead. Tons of people are dead. Almost everyone is dead.

The Infected surround the helicopter and Troy tells Nick how to fire up the rotors. Troy says it’s a hell of a place to die but Nick says he isn’t dying there today.

Alicia comes to and sees someone and then she realizes it’s someone who turned. She grabs her knife and fights her off. That took a lot of energy. And oxygen.

More Infected start to rise.

Ofelia and Crazy Dog continue their journey. Sure enough, an Infected is blocking the vent. She asks Crazy Dog for a boost and he lifts her. He passes out as she grabs the Infected, and she pulls it out of the vent and the air starts pumping.

Alicia wakes up and drags Christine away from the Infected. She manages to kill quite a few of them. She locks herself in the weapons locker and starts shooting.

Troy offers Nick his bullet. But there’s an explosion.

Alicia feels the explosion and heads out into the room and fights off the Infected. She’s kicking butt, killing Infected left and right. Madison and Strand run in and Alicia goes back for Christine. But she’s dead. Walker says they need to go. Alicia apologizes and puts her down. She gives her mother a look. She’s covered in blood.

Outside, Alicia naps in the truck. Madison, Strand and Nick look out and say that it could have worked. Madison says they’re going to head to the dam next. She sees Troy sitting there and then goes to Ofelia and tells her that Daniel is alive. Walker is there and confirms it. She says that he thought she was dead.

Alicia gets out of the truck and goes to the group. Madison goes up to her and hugs her. Alicia is numb. Nick hugs her, too, and kisses her. She asks about Jake and Nick shakes his head. It’s the like the final straw. She wants to know how. Troy says he got bit and that he put him down. She stares at him and asks where the horde came from and Nick says that Troy came to warn them but it was too late. Madison tells her about Daniel and the dam and Alicia says there is no such thing as a safe place. Walker says they need to go. Alicia wants to know where the dam is on a map. She says she isn’t going. Alicia says she isn’t in shock and she knows her mother’s way doesn’t work. She wants to find a way to live for herself, not running in fear. Madison doesn’t want to let her go, but Alicia says she won’t give her mother the choice. She’s going to go to the place Jake told her about and she needs to go there alone.

Alicia drives off.

Nick offers to follow her and act as a scout to that they can see what else is there. Madison says to take Troy.

And now our group is divided.

As the show ends, “This Land Is Your Land” plays while we see the Infected in the storage area. Nick and Troy drive away while Madison, Strand, Walker, Ofelia and Crazy Dog drive off on their own. Lastly, Alicia drives off on her own. She looks off and see the empty fields along the road.

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