The 10 most iconic images from AMC’s The Walking Dead

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2. Don’t Open, Dead Inside

Cue the “Don’t Dead, Open Inside” jokes…

But all joking aside these doors have to be considered the second most iconic image from The Walking Dead. Rick’s first realization of the horror of the world that he’s woken up in comes when he sees a walker hand reaching out from inside these doors. As he wanders dazed through the hospital trying to find help and trying to figure out what happened to the world he knew these doors are the first clue that something has gone very wrong in the world. These doors may never have opened on the show, but they still opened up a terrifying new world to fans who were slowly being immersed in the post-apocalyptic world that Rick found himself in.

You can see these actual doors if you visit Senoia, GA where The Walking Dead is filmed. They are on display in The Woodbury Shoppe’s basement museum. There are a lot of cool items to see that have been used in the show as well as other fun stuff. If you want the chance one of the most iconic pieces of The Walking Dead history in person drop by The Woodbury Shoppe in Senoia.

Images of these doors can be found on everything from posters to cakes, and that contributes to their status as an image that people will always think about when they hear “The Walking Dead”.