The 10 most iconic images from AMC’s The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead;AMC;Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon
The Walking Dead;AMC;Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon /

10. Daryl Dixon And His Crossbow

Many of the beloved survivors on The Walking Dead have a signature weapon. But Daryl and his crossbow make the list because Daryl and crossbow are probably the second most iconic weapon/character duo. Rick and his signature Colt Python are the most recognizable. But Daryl and his crossbow are a close second.

As author Paul Vigna points out in his upcoming book Guts: The Anatomy of The Walking Dead the weapons on this show are an intrinsic part of the mythos of each character. When Rick was separated from his Python and Daryl was separated from his crossbow the loss of those weapons mirrored the loss and turbulence that the characters were going through. When they were reunited with their weapons it was a signal to the fans that the group was once again rising up from the ashes to fight for their survival and for each other.

There are lots of images of Daryl and crossbow that can be considered iconic. This one is from season 3 of The Walking Dead, “Home”. When Daryl and Merle leave the group after being reunited at Woodbury but ultimately Daryl goes back to Rick and the group at the prison.

That was a turning point for Daryl. He had to choose between abandoning the group that had become his family and going off with Merle or staying with the group, even if I meant that Merle would have to leave. Daryl’s choice to return to the prison was the first time that he had stood up to Merle to choose a different life.