The 10 most iconic images from AMC’s The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead;AMC;Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan
The Walking Dead;AMC;Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan /

4. The Arrival Of Negan

Even though Glenn and Abe have been gone for an entire season now it’s still hard to look at this image. The arrival of Negan is one of the most iconic moments both in The Walking Dead comic and in the show. It was very important that this moment was presented in a way that would have the impact it needed to have to establish Negan’s character. And it definitely did. Seeing Rick and the group on their knees in front of this bombastic but still deadly new character was a game changer even before fans knew who would end up dying that night.

Even though there are a lot of iconic images that feature Negan since this was the first introduction to him on the show, and the first introduction to the character for fans who don’t read the comics, this has to be considered one of the most iconic images from the entire run of the show.

The arrival of Negan and the deaths of Glenn and Abe changed the show forever and set in motion a lot of dark plotlines that were difficult for the characters to overcome. If this moment had been handled badly it would have affected the show forever. But, this moment played out exactly the way it needed to play out.

Some people felt that the graphic violence of showing Abe’s death and Glenn’s death was too much, but one look at this image and fans had to know that things were going to get pretty ugly. There was just no way this scene was going to end happily once Negan walked out of the RV swinging Lucille.