5 fan questions about The Walking Dead answered for October 7, 2017

Negan and his Wives - The Walking Dead, AMC
Negan and his Wives - The Walking Dead, AMC /
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Z Nation promotional photo - SyFy
Z Nation promotional photo – SyFy /

#5. That OTHER zombie show…

Kyle J. West on Facebook asks:

Will you sing the praise of Z Nation anytime soon?

It’s admirable that SyFy wanted to cash in on the zombie phenomenon. When the iron is hot, hitting with other properties that are kind of similar can be a cash cow, and sometimes even overtake the originals in popularity.

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While that wasn’t the case for Z Nation, there are still loyal followers of the show who enjoy that it doesn’t take itself too seriously and has things to offer that The Walking Dead doesn’t offer: running zombies and corny humor.

Sadly, the show is not for me. After watching an episode and a half, I found myself shutting it off and never going back. I have no intention of returning either, after being spoiled by works from George A. Romero, Robert Kirkman, and other masterful undead shows and movies.

Still, I won’t knock those who enjoy it. I know that I personally enjoy a lot of television shows others may not enjoy, such as Big Brother, You’re The Worst, Celebrity Juice, and others, and that is why I’m not one to urinate in someone’s Cheerio’s and let them like what they like.

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