Fear the Walking Dead 315 recap: Things Bad Begun

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC
Kim Dickens as Madison Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC /

“Things Bad Begun,” the first part of the Fear the Walking Dead season finale, was packed with action. Here’s your recap.

A bloody shopping cart full of Infected heads rolls down the street. Nick pushes it along, killing more as he goes. Inside the bazaar, he watches El Matadero hack the heads apart to find more brain stems. The fresher the death, the better the brain stem. He explains that the Proctors will pay more for as many as Nick can find. El Matadero says the brain stems allow you to fight longer, and he says they’re gearing up for something big.

Troy watches the Proctors as they inspect their vehicles. He goes to talk to one of them to learn more.

Nick downs shots when Troy approaches and tells him to sober up. He tells Nick that the Proctors are going to attack the dam. Madison is in trouble, Troy says.

At the dam, Madison looks out over the landscape when Strand comes up and says that she wanted land and now she has it. They talk about how she wishes things were normal. She wanted kids, grandkids. She thought they could have that at the ranch. Strand promises that they will build paradise at the dam. She doesn’t see it that way, so he gives her a bottle of liquor and tells her she needs it.

Alicia and Diana drive along, Diana says they can get even more money if she sells her hair. They’re driving along when another car rams them and four men get out and attack them. Diana and Alicia fight them off. Alicia gets her gun and starts shooting. But she won’t kill them. The noise attracts the Infected, who start coming their way. Diana’s leg is in bad shape.

Walker goes to Daniel’s room and gives him the rosary she had, thinking he might want it. Daniel wants to know why, what happened. Walker has the same questions and says that he wasn’t there, either. The men share a look before leaving.

Madison says that in life you can be lonely and irritated. He says she can’t blame her kids for leaving. She says she can, and he uses Odysseus as an example. How long til all of that is forgotten, she asks. “We’ll write new stories,” he says. She sees the look on his face and asks what’s he’s hiding. He asks if she has ever killed anyone and she says she has. But he hasn’t. The day will come, he says. Daniel arrives and says Nick is there. He gives Strand a look.

Troy tells Lola that the Proctors were preparing for battle with cars and boats. They would take control of the water and charge people for it. Daniel wishes that there were more weapons. Efrain proposes blowing the dam. Daniel says they can use the dynamite as a final defense. Troy offers to rig the dynamite but Daniel isn’t so sure, and Troy says he’s one of the good guys here. Madison vouches for him.

Nick goes after Madison and she knows he’s on drugs. He says that doesn’t matter and they need to leave the dam before the Proctors arrive, but she just focuses on telling them to eat. She goes to find Crazy Dog and Walker getting ready to leave. They’re going to go find some of their people who went North. They don’t want to die there. They offer to scout the road on their way out if they can help. He says he was

Alicia took Diana to the hospital to the bazaar and the doctor there says she saved her life. He says he lost his license long ago and he offers her some work as an assistant. He sees potential in her.

Strand finds Nick in the kitchen and he tells him that Nick needs to take Madison and get out of there. He had been indebted to them and he made a deal with them because they were coming anyway. He made a deal to get Madison and her kids to safety. He was going to open the doors for them. But now Daniel knows so that might mess up the deal. Nick goes and finds Daniel instead of his mother. He says Madison and Troy are wiring the dam. Daniel wants to ask Nick about what happened with Ofelia. Daniel figures out that there is a hole in the story and knows Nick is lying. He locks the doors so it’s just he and Nick.

Daniel reminds Nick of his background and sets a chair down and hopes they can have a conversation instead of interrogation. Nick tries to use Ofelia to distract him, but Daniel insists.

Troy tells Madison that it’s funny how they came full circle and now they’re all there in Mexico. He tells Madison that the trading post was not good for him or Nick. He knows she’s worried about him and he tells her that he and Nick had a night and Nick scared him. He has never felt fear before, but he also sees Nick as his only friend and brother. They all have to look after each other. Madison reminds him that they’re guests in the country, and he reminds her that they were his guests at the ranch and now here they are. He says he missed having these conversations and he feels better and feels right about things. He wants to know if they’re good. She says they are.

Daniel wants to know why Troy was in the wilderness. Nick is getting frustrated, but Daniel knows someone led the horde to the ranch. Nick stays silent.

Proctor John asks the doctor who Alicia is. She says she’s Alicia from Los Angeles, and he explains that he wants to create a trade route. He was a leader of a motorcycle club in Southern California, but now he’s in a wheelchair and he needs help for a surgery. He offers her the opportunity to help him, in which case he would help save her. The Proctors will kill everyone, including Dr. Eddie, if they fail.

Daniel narrows it down to Nick, Jake, or Troy. Nick says it was Jake. Nick tells him Jake was never the same after he killed their father. This piques Daniel’s interest. He gives Nick the keys and says his mother will be happy to see him.

Dr. Eddie begins the procedure with Proctor John awake. They work in a room surrounded by his men but John wants her. He tells her he had a sister that was almost as pretty as her. She asks him what the safest place is that he can remember. He tells her about his Aunt Jane as he struggles to deal with the pain. She laughs and holds his hand, asking him to tell her about Santa Barbara. He screams through the pain.

Daniel finds Strand and is upset that the water is being drained the wrong way. Strand is more concerned about Nick and Madison.

Nick finds his mom and Troy and says they need to leave. He reveals Strand’s plan and says Daniel will kill Troy if he sees him. She realizes that Troy led the Infected to the dam and though they both lost a lot, she decides that she’s lost more. She kills Troy with the hammer.

Alicia asks John how he feels. She asks him to wiggle his toes but they don’t move. Then, slowly, they move. John says he had faith in Eddie the whole time. A man comes in and says they’re working on the tunnels. John has his Angel of Mercy in Alicia and he wants them to hit the road.

Daniel finds Lola and the water is going the wrong way. Strand tells Lola to back away. He has a gun and he tells them everything would have been different if Nick hadn’t showed up. Daniel tells him to give him the gun. They fight and Victor shoots Daniel, but he doesn’t kill him. The bullet went into his face but not his brain. He’s alive. Lola helps him walk out.

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John’s people start their assault on the dam. Madison and Nick run away as the dam is overrun with insurgents. Efrain is killed. Strand runs away and tells John’s men that the Water Queen and her general are death. Strand finds Madison and tells her to hide. They go to a locked room at the end of the dam and go inside. He promises to come back to her and promises to protect them. He asks for the detonator.