Fear the Walking Dead 316 season finale recap: Sleigh Ride

Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) in Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15Photo by Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) in Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15Photo by Richard Foreman Jr/AMC /

The season finale of Fear the Walking Dead is one huge episode filled with a lot of action. Here’s your recap of “Sleigh Ride.”

There’s a big house all decorated for Christmas. As “Sleigh Ride” plays we see Madison cooking dinner as she goes to greet the approaching truck. She passes a graveyard with the Otto tombs and she sees Nick and Luciana with a baby standing at Alicia’s grave. She tells them to come inside. The sound of a gunshot rings out in the distance. She grabs Luciana’s arm trying to grab the baby. Luciana pulls away because the baby doesn’t make normal baby sounds. It might be Infected.

Proctor John’s boats arrive at the dam. Alicia is on one and she hasn’t mentioned that he mother is there. They meet his men at the dock and Strand greet them. He wants to know what happened because it was supposed to be easy. There are dead men in the water and twelve men are dead. He is not happy. John wants to know what happened later, along with a tour. After they leave Strand tells her that her mom and Nick are safe but she has to trust him. They have to work together.

Nick asks Madison where it stops. He thinks his mom would kill him if she had to. She says she never wished him dead but he doesn’t believe her. He doesn’t like that she made the call for him and she says “fuck you,” and he says that one day she might kill him and he might have to kill her. There are more gunshots outside but they have to stay inside.

Lola tells Daniel not to move. She says he should be dead but the bullet went through his cheek. He gives her his gun and she goes to find Efrain.

Alicia cleans John’s wounds and he reveals that he worked under Buddhists. He hates liars and says Strand is an example. He wants to know how she knows him. She reveals that Strand helped rescue them from LA and she says that Strand promised to help her mother. John knows her mother is alive, but the negotiation collapsed when they found the dam under attack. Alicia pledges to serve him if he spares her mother. John is intrigued, but he says he will only do it if she comes with him to Houston. She asks if he’s testing her loyalty, but it’s a test of wisdom.

Nick and Madison hear the footsteps approaching. It’s Strand. He says he tried to get them out of there but they were stubborn. He says Alicia is there with Proctor John, and he might like Alicia enough to let them go. He gives them clothes and plans to walk them out under the Proctors’ noses. He begs them to listen to him, but Madison senses that his time is up. Strand reveals he shot Daniel but didn’t kill him. He let Lola go, and he says he couldn’t kill them. “Good, there’s hope for you,” Nick says, glaring at his mother.

Lola finds Efrain dead in her office. Lola sees Proctor John’s men and goes after them.

Strand walks Nick and Madison out at gunpoint. They run into Proctor John’s men, who are executing people. They are almost there when Lola comes out, guns blazing. John shoots her and asks what fresh hell this is as bodies are strewn everywhere.

John is furious at Strand and wants to know if the Water Queen is dead. Alicia tries to stop him and he quiets her, sending Alicia to her mother. Nick reveals that his mom killed Troy, who was the one caught snooping at the bazaar. John tells Alicia that he has to kill her mother, and he’s going to kill Alicia first. They all have to die.

Alicia, Nick and Madison walk out to the dam with Strand behind them. John tells them to say their goodbyes. Nick wishes Strand safe travels and hugs him. Nick goes to the side of the dam. Strand reveals the dynamite in place. Strand doesn’t have the detonator, but Nick does. He looks at the detonator and says it’s armed. He doesn’t care that they have a gun pointed at Madison. Nick knows he has the power here.

There’s a big sinner at the house. Jake, Troy, Jeremiah, Daniel, Walker, and Strand are there. He arrives with presents for everyone. They all welcome him when he arrives and he tosses Daniel a present. He kisses Jeremiah’s head. (He never met Jeremiah) Madison lifts the lid and sees Jeremiah’s head on the platter. Daniel laughs, Walker glares and kills Jake. Troy watches as Strand gets up and walks away. Madison follows him outside and sees he’s gone. The graveyard is bigger, though. She stands among the gravestones and looks up. A plane flies over.

Nick has his hand on the detonator and looks around. John asks what his play is. He wants the guns down. He looks out over the valley, then he tells John to send his mother and sister up river. He’s not going with them. This is his suicide note. He sends Strand to take care of them. They flee and John wonders if the detonator is real.

Daniel is alive enough to take out three men and get another gun.

John says the dam could be a new center of civilization as Nick watches his mom, sister and Strand leave. John says they need to be controlling the dam to protect people. Nick wants a third way out. The boat stalls and John knows this is a “quandry.” Daniel walks along the top of the dam and sees Lola, dead. She has a note on her that says “Reina del Agua.” He takes Ofelia’s rosary and gives it to her, then he walks on. Alicia struggles to gas up the boat and it starts again.

John is about to take the detonator but two of his men are shot. It’s Walker and Crazy Dog shooting from the nearby hill. Nick starts to blow the dam but walker starts shooting again. Daniel approaches and starts shooting again. Nick watches his mother and smiles. He blows the dam and the ground rattles as the ground starts to break up. He watches his mother as the earth beneath him cracks.

Walker knows that Madison is going to get pulled in, but there’s nothing they can do. “North?” Crazy Dog asks. Walker nods and they start walking. There’s nothing they can do.

The water rushes in over Troy and Efrain’s bodies.

Daniel meets Nick and they look out over the dam as the boat struggles to get away.

Madison looks at Jeremiah’s grave and kneels in front of it. Suddenly a hand reaches up and drags her into the earth.

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