Fear The Walking Dead and Abraham’s Army crossover theory

Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15Photo by Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15Photo by Richard Foreman Jr/AMC /

The Fear The Walking Dead season 3 finale may have dropped some clues about the recently announced crossover with The Walking Dead.

There was a lot going on in the Fear The Walking Dead season 3 finale. But Proctor John may have been dropping clues about the now confirmed crossover between Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead when he repeatedly mentioned going to Texas. He also said that his plan was to sail to Houston.

That’s significant because three fan-favorite characters from The Walking Dead started out from Texas. Abraham’s Army otherwise known as Rosita, Eugene and Abraham met and started their journey to Georgia in Houston.

The timelines between the two shows would overlap pretty closely in the next season of Fear The Walking Dead too. There has been a lot of speculation about which character will be the crossover. But Proctor John’s comments last night might indicate that the theory about Abraham, Rosita or Eugene being the crossover character is right on target.

So if Proctor John really was giving clues about the impending crossover how would that work? And would the Clarks be involved? Here’s one theory of how the crossover could go down:

The Proctors

A lot of The Proctors died on in the tussle for the dam. And more died when the dam was blown up. But not all The Proctors were at the dam. Presumably, some were left to guard El Bazaar. And it’s possible that some were sent to Texas already as a scouting party. Or that there were already some Proctors in place in Texas. Proctor John did say that he had a large trade network.

So The Proctors could already be running an establishment similar to El Bazar in Houston. Or they could be on their way to set one up. That puts The Proctors in prime position to become the dominant group in Houston. So which character from Abraham’s Army are they most likely to interact with?


Rosita is probably the most likely crossover character. In The Walking Dead comic she is from Houston. On The Walking Dead TV show, her history is that she was traveling with a group when she met up with Abraham and Eugene. The other group members got killed along the way leaving Eugene, Rosita, and Abraham. Those other group members could have been Proctors that scattered after a battle or some kind of event that toppled their control. An event like Madison Clark perhaps.

It’s totally plausible that Rosita could have fallen in with The Proctors in Houston. They easily could have taught her about explosives and advanced weaponry. Before the apocalypse, they had ties to the drug cartels in Mexico so The Proctors are definitely familiar with warfare and weaponry.


It’s also possible that the group that raided the grocery store and attacked Abraham’s wife were The Proctors. If they were the ruling party in the city or had an establishment like El Bazar they could have been out on a normal supply raid and come across Abe and his family.


Eugene is probably the longshot of the group. Based on his pattern of lying to protect himself if he had come across any of The Proctors he would most likely have been killed. Or he would have lied his way into the group to get himself some protection.

So logically the crossover character would have to be Abraham or Rosita. Most likely Rosita. But where do the Clarks fit into this theory?

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The Clarks

The only Clark that is confirmed to be alive at this point is Madison. Nick’s fate could go either way but he is a pretty adept survivor like his mom so his odds of living are pretty good. Alicia and Strand are also probably still alive.

Alicia knows that Proctor John intended to sail to Houston. After the terrible experiences that the family has had in and near Mexico maybe they will decide to sail to Houston and try their luck there. And in doing so they would run across The Proctors again. And meet up with whoever the crossover character is.

A Red Herring

Knowing how The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead writers, producers and executives love to trick fans it’s entirely possible that the mentions of Texas were red herrings and that the crossover will be something totally unexpected.

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But it’s just as likely that those mentions were clues meant to let us know that one or more of Abraham’s Army would be showing up in Fear The Walking Dead in season 4. The crossover will happen in season 4 so at least fans won’t have to wait that long to find out what the crossover will be