IronE Singleton discusses BLINDSIDED by the Walking Dead

Iron E Singleton (T-Dog from The Walking Dead) - Image from IronE Singleton on YouTube
Iron E Singleton (T-Dog from The Walking Dead) - Image from IronE Singleton on YouTube /

Known as T-Dog on The Walking Dead, IronE Singleton is hoping to spread a message of positivity and love with his BLINDSIDED By The Walking Dead tour.

Fans of The Walking Dead likely know IronE Singleton best for his role as Theodore “T-Dog” Douglas on AMC’s popular zombie survival drama series, but there is so much more to the man than just that role.

In fact, the man behind T-Dog as well as roles in The Blind Side, Seeking Justice, An Amish Murder, and much more has a personal story and an important message to share with people all over the world.

Here is Undead Walking’s interview with IronE Singleton as shared on the YouTube channel of Undead Talking:

IronE Singleton is one of the most positive people on the planet. His humble nature and upbeat personality raise the morale of everyone he meets. And he hopes to meet more people in the future.

Of course, The Walking Dead season 8 just around the corner and Singleton has a feeling that there will be a lot of tough times coming for the survivors, giving his predictions for the premiere episode.

In addition, IronE Singleton reveals how he feels T-Dog would have handled being in Negan’s lineup at the end of season 8 and the beginning of season 7 and what the character may have done when faced with the certain death of a friend.

The Walking Dead wasn’t the only thing discussed during the interview, Singleton speaks about his one-man show BLINDSIDED by the Walking Dead where he discusses his upbringing, the challenges he faced on the way to get where he is, and what he would like in the future.

The biggest announcement from the interview is the Kickstarter campaign to help fund a tour of BLINDSIDED by the Walking Dead. Check out a video with more details about the campaign and the project in this video from IronE Singleton’s YouTube channel:

There are some great rewards for backers of the project, including dinner with IronE himself, autographed photos, books, movies, and much more. Plus, the money goes toward the launch of his tour, which will focus on positivity and love.

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Undead Walking would like to thank IronE Singleton for speaking with us about BLINDSIDED by the Walking Dead and highly recommend that fans check out the project’s Kickstarter campaign and back it if possible.