Sesame Street spoofs The Walking Dead with The Walking Gingerbread

The Walking Gingerbread - a spoof of The Walking Dead, Sesame Street - PBS
The Walking Gingerbread - a spoof of The Walking Dead, Sesame Street - PBS /

The Walking Dead is a massive phenomenon and it has made its way into Sesame Street, being spoofed in a segment titled The Walking Gingerbread.

There is no doubt that The Walking Dead is a worldwide phenomenon. The popular zombie franchise has spawned a comic book series, two television shows, multiple video games, numerous toys, trading cards, and much more.

One place fans likely wouldn’t expect to see the undead drama’s influence is during children’s programming. However, a recent clip from a long-running daytime kids show shows that the franchise has no limits as to how far it can reach.

Check out this clip from Sesame Street on YouTube showing what they call The Walking Gingerbread:

Anyone who has ever watched Sesame Street is probably familiar with Cookie Monster. The fuzzy blue character loves to eat cookies and his hunger for them is something that will never end as long as he is around.

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This desire to eat cookies is the basis for a sketch that finds gingerbread cookie zombies called “crumbies” showing up any time that Cookie Monster opens a box of cookies. The crumbies take the cookies, and leave Cookie Monster sad.

The fun part of this episode is the characters. Cookie Monster is dressed up like Rick Grimes in the video and other characters appear to look like Daryl Dixon and Michonne, making the connection to AMC’s zombie drama even stronger.

Finally, a solution to the problem is found when Cookie Monster has a revelation that the crumbies are actually gingerbread cookies and threatens to eat them when they try to take a box of cookies from him.

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What did you think of this take on The Walking Dead by Sesame Street? Would you like to see more scenes like this from the popular children’s programming juggernaut? Let us know what you think in the comments below.