Who died in The Walking Dead season 8 episode 2 ‘The Damned’?

Aaron (Ross Marquand) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2Photo by Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
Aaron (Ross Marquand) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2Photo by Jackson Lee Davis/AMC /

All Out War continues on The Walking Dead episode 802 and this week both sides suffered some serious losses. Find out who died in “The Damned”.

The Walking Dead upped the intensity in the second episode of season 8. All Out War is in full swing and this week it wasn’t just The Saviors who lost people. Although they did lose a lot more than Rick’s crew did.

There were multiple attacks going on in the same time period in this episode. Aaron was leading a squad against one Savior outpost trying to prevent the people there from getting guns to Negan at The Sanctuary. Mara, the Savior in charge at the outpost, was taken out by a walker.

Aaron’s group laid down a barrage of fire that was designed to kill Saviors within the yard at the outpost so that they would turn and kill the others or at the very least keep them busy. And that’s what they did. Although Aaron’s group took some hits in the process.

Francine, one of the few Alexandrians who actually had some fighting spirit when Rick’s group first got to Alexandria, didn’t make it out of this battle of alive.

Also, Tobin and Eric were shot, and their fates are unknown. Tobin is probably going to be fine but Eric was shot in the gut may not survive. Hopefully, he will recover. We’re pulling for you, Eric!

In this particular battle, The Saviors lost a lot more people than Aaron’s group so score one for the Survivors alliance.

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The Satellite Outpost

Morgan led a group of fighters from The Hilltop and The Kingdom as well as Alexandria on an offensive against the Satellite Outpost. Yes, that one. The infamous one. The one where Rick’s slaughter of The Saviors inside led to Glenn and Abe getting killed.  Morgan, Tara, Jesus, Andy from The Hilltop and Dianne from The Kingdom led that offensive.

The Satellite outpost proved to be a tougher fight. Morgan is definitely over that whole “All life is precious” nonsense because he was a killing machine in this fight. Together the group slaughtered most of The Saviors who were there, and the rest gave up and surrendered to the group.

Sadly, two of The Hilltop fighters were killed in this battle. Freddie and Andy from The Hilltop were killed. Morgan was almost killed with them, but Morgan survived.

Casualties Of All Out War So Far

The Saviors may have the bigger numbers in this war but they’re also taking bigger losses. Every loss matters to the Survivors alliance because they have to make every fighter count. But they are slowly gaining an advantage by killing huge numbers of The Saviors every time they attack.

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If this keeps up pretty soon the two forces will be just about equally matched. So far Rick’s team has had the upper hand by going on the offensive. But when Negan finally strikes back Rick’s alliance might start to take some heavy losses of their own. On The Walking Dead no one is safe, so chances are good Rick will lose some of the people he loves in this war.