The Walking Dead 802 fallout: Hey, it’s that guy from season 1!

Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2Photo by Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2Photo by Jackson Lee Davis/AMC /

An old friend returned on The Walking Dead “The Damned” but he didn’t seem very friendly. Here are some thoughts about Morales’ return.

Rick was shocked to encounter a familiar face in episode 802 “The Damned.” That familiar face belonged to none other than Morales. We’re now in The Walking Dead’s eighth season and we haven’t seen Morales since the first season when Morales decided to part ways with Rick and the other survivors. He and his family drove off in a minivan and they haven’t been seen since.

Now Morales shows up on the top floor of a well fortified building that belongs to Negan, and there’s a baby, and he has a gun in Rick’s face. Oh, and Rick just got done impaling a guy with the baby’s name tattooed on his chest.


Morales is the one who recognizes Rick from the start, and Rick takes a few seconds to remember him, too. It looks like Rick is processing the fact that someone he once fought with is now fighting with Negan, and he isn’t giving Rick a chance to escape.

There are so many questions here…. Where has Morales been? How did he get to Virginia? Where is his family, and are they still alive? And what is Morales doing with the Saviors?

As one of the Saviors, there’s very little possibility that Morales didn’t know that Negan had killed Glenn. You have to imagine that was big news throughout the compound and satellite locations, which means there’s also a good chance that Morales knew Rick was on his way.

There’s also the issue of the baby being kept in such a fortified location complete with painted walls and a pretty mobile above her crib. This baby is living the life. (And we know Negan seems to love babies) Who does she belong to, and is she tied to Morales working for the Saviors? Is he working on their side as a means to give her a good life?

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There are more questions than we have answers for at this point, but with a gun pointed at Rick’s head we’re sure to get those answers sooner than later.

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