Talking Dead guests for The Walking Dead episode 803 ‘Monsters’

Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead - AMC
Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead - AMC /

A fan favorite will be a guest on the couch for Talking Dead on November 5, 2017 to discuss season 8 episode 3 of The Walking Dead titled ‘Monsters’.

The Walking Dead has given fans back-to-back action-packed episodes to kick off season 8 and the momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Thankfully, viewers will have Chris Hardwick and the Talking Dead guests to help them through it all.

On Sunday, November 5, 2017, AMC will air season 8 episode 3 of their flagship zombie survival drama series The Walking Dead titled ‘Monsters’. With so much going on, there will be lots of great reasons to stay tuned for the post-show discussion.

Here are the guests who are scheduled to be on the couch during Talking Dead joining Chris Hardwick for the discussion of The Walking Dead episode 803 according to the show’s official Facebook account:

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Norman Reedus

Even though Rick Grimes be the focus of the story in The Walking Dead universe, the show might not have a more popular character than Daryl Dixon. The motorcycle riding, crossbow shooting, soft-spoken butt kicker played by Norman Reedus likely will have a big role in this week’s episode and Reedus will be on hand to discuss it all.

Surprise guest

There is always a reason to panic every time there is a surprise guest on Talking Dead. This usually means something big is going on, whether it is a new character showing up on the scene, a current character having a huge storyline or the death of a popular fixture of the show. No matter which one of those things it is, odds are that fans will want to hear from this individual following ‘Monsters’.

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You won’t want to miss Talking Dead on Sunday, November 5, 2017. With Norman Reedus on the couch and a surprise guest announced, fans may need every minute of therapy offered from Chris Hardwick after what appears to be an intense episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead.