The Walking Dead 803: 5 questions we have about ‘Monsters’

Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and Paul "Jesus" Monroe (Tom Payne) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and Paul "Jesus" Monroe (Tom Payne) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

After two episodes The Walking Dead has given us a better idea of how All Out War is going to go down, but we’re still left with lots of questions ahead of episode 803.

So far Rick and the three communities have done a great job dismantling Negan’s world on The Walking Dead. Since the season premiere we have seen the group planning, plotting and implementing their strategy and for the most part it has been working well.

But even as we watch the action go down, we’re left with questions ahead of the November 5 episode, “Monsters.”

Here are our top 5 questions ahead of “Monsters:”

Where Is Negan?

We haven’t seen Negan and Father Gabriel since they were locked in the storage unit together. From the look of the Saviors working to prepare for battle, it doesn’t seem like they have heard anything from Negan yet, which leads us to believe he’s still stuck with Father Gabriel.

So will we see Negan make his great escape? Will Father Gabriel find a way to work with Negan to save his own life?

What’s interesting here is that Gabriel got stuck with Negan in his efforts to save Gregory, because in Gabriel’s mind everyone can be saved. But does that belief hold true with Negan?

What Happened To Morales And His Family?

Morales is back and he’s working with the Saviors? Lots of questions here, right? How did he make his way to Virginia from Atlanta, and how did he get caught up with Negan?

On the one hand, Negan might be offering Morales’ family protection in return for Morales’ service. Then again, Morales might have lost his family on the way and have nothing else to lose.

Who Is Gracie?

Rick was not expecting to find a sleeping baby behind that door, in a very nice nursery, no less. But who does the baby belong to? Does Negan know about her? How was she connected to the man that Rick killed, and how does Morales fit into all of this?

The map that Rick and Daryl were working from placed weapons in the building, but they hadn’t found any yet and the baby was on the top floor, which was also the most fortified area in the building. Why was she surrounded by so much security?

Can Jesus And Tara Work Together?

Jesus and Tara butted heads during their battle. Jesus didn’t want to kill the man in the closet while Tara said the Saviors had to die. When the man attacked Jesus, Tara was proved right. Even after Jesus subdued the man, Jesus still didn’t want to kill him, citing Maggie as his reasoning. Tara told Jesus that Rick would listen to her on this one. Can these two work together moving forward?

The larger issue is whether they can trust any Saviors who surrender. So far, The Walking Dead doesn’t have a great track record with people who surrender. They usually end up double crossing the group later on. Tara’s reasoning isn’t wrong. In the middle of war, you can’t let your guard down and what Jesus did put them all in danger.

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